Has anyone switched from Viasat to the new AT&T fixed wireless?

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Has anyone switched from Viasat to the new AT&T fixed wireless? If so, please share your experiences and advice as to whether one should switch. It sure looks good on paper.
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Posted 2 years ago

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On the old forum I believed I read of at least a couple that did. They were satisfied.

Let's put it this way. If I could get it. I would think long and hard why I would want to keep satellite internet.
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We have it available to us now. They keep sending us adverts in the mail. It sounds good and all but we've been Viasat customers more than 8yrs. In fact, our current Exede install is 6yrs old as is all the equipment and aside from a re peak a couple years ago done under easy care, our system is always up and working pretty good so we are a bit hesitant to change.

We are also fortunate to have the Freedom Plan and it's pretty good. My only real complaint with our Viasat service right now is that the prime time congestion has been real bad for us the past couple months here in southeast Michigan.

All in all we are aware that the AT&T option is somewhat cheaper, less latency, has a slightly higher data CAP and the extra GBs are far and away cheaper than Viasat but we are hesitant to fix what really isn't currently broken.

Also it has come to my attention that AT&T needs good credit for an install otherwise you pay big out of pocket cost's for equipment and install. I'm hearing the same may now be true of  Viasat as well but that's hearsay.
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99 dollars for install fixed wireless with good credit.If they can't install it they don't charge for the tech to come out.
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I think it is a no brainer.
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If you can get ATT fixed wireless, go for it. Cheaper, more data and lower latency sounds good to me.
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From what I understand, the AT&T Fixed Wireless uses a different dedicated antenna and frequency than the normal cellular service. This is good since it won't be subject to normal LTE congestion.  But It's on a higher band 2600mhz I believe and that can limit range and may require line of sight to the tower.  I looked into it and while it's available in my general area it's not available in my specific location because there are too many trees between my location and the tower.  You need to "see" the tower at least from somewhere on your property.
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That is correct found that out today.
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Aaron is absolutely correct. The AT&T system is basically a WISP so the more hilly an area is, the more challenging getting a signal is going to be. With clear los the max range is supposed to be something like 1 1/4 miles max. We have a lot of pine trees around here and they really cause issues with signal. 

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Tried to get the fixed wireless today and cant get it.My neighbor less than a mile from here has it and he is getting better speeds I went to his house and looked at it.The guy that tried to install it told me the cell tower that he was authorized to connect to he could not.He was able to pick up another tower but At and t would not authorize connection .He told me to wait and try again which I will .Fixed Wireless works great if you can get it the signal was 30mpbs up and 6 down no latency and my neighbor told me over 40 after midnight for 70 a month and 340 gb.I dont have any real complaints with Viasat except my freedom plan is almost twice that price for 150gb.Maybe I wouldnt feel that if Viasat gave me other options but there arent any so I will stick with them for now.Have a lot of trees also I guess that interferes with it.Might have to wait for 5g he told me thats coming also or the satellite Elon Musk is testing it is a different technology than what we have now.Just wish Viasat had not led me to believe I would be able to get 100 mpbs speed.
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Fixed wireless from at&t is great when it works. Be prepared to fight to get it fixed about every 60 days. Weve had it for 10 months and are already on our 3rd antina and 6th modem.