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The numbers speak for themselves.  I am on a Liberty 12 Plan and pay $60.99 a month for service including equipment lease and tax.

My billing cycle ends today.  For this billing cycle I have used 155 GB of data and get great speeds during the day with the trade off that speeds suffer during prime time.

During the day, speeds are advertised as me being able to expect speeds in the 1 to 5 mbps range.  I usually get speeds during the day ranging from 1 to 10 mbps, sometimes even 12 mbps. 

From 5pm to midnight speeds suffer and usually drop to 256 kbps.  Sometimes the speed is a little higher and sometimes the speed is a little lower.  This is a trade off I am willing to accept in exchange for virtually unlimited internet the rest of the time.

I have a Playon/Plex server that automatically downloads Netflix content for me when the network isn't busy.  I then enjoy that content during primetime when the network is slow.

I'm a happy camper and I am actually getting service better than what I signed up for.  Exede/Viasat was very clear about speeds suffering during primetime when I signed up, and that is exactly what I get.  The rest of the time, the service is usually better than what I am paying for.

This plan has a late night free zone from 3am to 6am.  For the next billing cycle, I plan to only let my server download content during the free zone.  This means I will be using a lot less data, but I will conserve the 12 GB of priority data in case I want to watch a video or download a large file during primetime.  We shall see how it works out.  I'm curious if I will even be able to use 12 GB of data with just regular web browsing and trolling this forum.

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