Half data limit gone in 1 day doing nothing!?

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Hello, I recently signed up for your Liberty 18 New Satellite free 6 month trial. I was just sent an e-mail Mon. night (11th) that the data gig was to start being monitored starting the next day (12th). I just today (13th) went to go check where I'm at & it's showing me at 9.6 GB -53% of my data limit! I don't know how that's even possible. I check my mail, facebook, & do google searches & surfing mostly. Other than that I watched maybe 5 min. of youtube on one of the lowest quality settings. It's only been 1 day! How could that possibly use up over half my 18 GB data limit? The plan I was on previously was only a 5 GB limit & I only occasionally went over that at the end of the month. I also have all my settings on facebook, youtube, & web browsers to block all adds, to show lower quality videos, to not auto-play anything. Please address this. Thanks.
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Kmalla, that does sound odd, you do seem to watch your usage. Still automatic updates may have used your data. I know there is a big Windows update that isn't supposed to hit until next month but, some people are getting it. I did it voluntarily a few months ago, my husband got it as a normal update 3 weeks ago, so you might have gotten it and, it is several GB is size, 5 GB if you were otherwise up to date, larger if not.

Send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information and, request a usage review. They will be able to give you a better idea of where your data went.
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Kamalla, from your post I'm not exactly sure if you just changed your plan or just became a new customer. IF you just became a new customer then I might have an answer for you. I regularly install systems for folks who have been with no internet or dsl (1.5 - 3 meg ). After I get them up and running all of a sudden their devices recognize that they now have the speed required to run proper updates. Depending on how many laptops, tablets, etc the customer has, it is NOT unusual at all for them to blow through 5-15 gigs in the first few days. I always tell them not to panic, this is just their devices getting "up to speed" so to say. I installed one customer who after I got his wifi going turned on his MAC laptop and immediately it began downloading a 1.98 gig update. Now I showed this to him so he KNEW what was going on. If he had been installed by a typical installer then he would have had NO idea and would have thought that somehow exede was ripping him off.

The tricky thing about data is that it is invisible. Like electricity, you have no idea how much you are using unless you have some type of monitor running.

Be SURE to go back through the recent threads and read my thread which talks about tips on data usage and how to control it.