GTAV PC: how to stop ZLIB errors without full redownloading.

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So, just in case anyone just purchased, or already purchased it, and you are getting failed ZLIB call errors: it means some of your files downloaded corrupted.

To fix it: Using Steam -> Just check for file cache and it'll do this part on it's own.

If using a Warehouse version:

Check each RPF file with the MD5 sums:

x64a.rpf - 683610e269ba60c5fcc7a9f6d1a8bfd5
x64b.rpf - 70af24cd4fe2c8ee58edb902f018a558 x64c.rpf - 2a0f6f1c35ad567fe8e56b9c9cc4e4c6 x64d.rpf - c8757b052ab5079c7749bcce02538b2e x64e.rpf - e5416c0b0000dad4014e0c5e9b878ff9 x64f.rpf - 5c6fc965d56ae6d422cd6cbe5a65a3a5 x64g.rpf - 1d8a64b337c3e07dffec0f53530cdb8e x64h.rpf - fe657d9282df303b080c3a2f6771c9ea x64i.rpf - bb271d313467465d62c75e208236487b x64j.rpf - 143deee4c7699b9f07ef21d43ae0915b x64k.rpf - da2c88b4ca69c99a86868a9433084a9d x64l.rpf - f4307b005a3e90192f235959621781d1 x64m.rpf - a1304d84875747aa7405465d37d3c6fb x64n.rpf - c48a14fe1c301360a16e8b0c5472fd1d x64o.rpf - 6715a4eabbbc8868f15630bf917db49a x64p.rpf - 6ad56befada1db7cccd9cea7834c825b x64q.rpf - ff6d09527d7fdc005d3fa78435e09c8a x64r.rpf - 1465c9da5cc17b68f14915b6c1d815bc x64s.rpf - 2c6e61201eb4f60d5c3c1e9ae6d67a32 x64t.rpf - 4c15a54a4c9573d7a0bcfa4689d9d1ed x64u.rpf - 2c9cff0cc5f99ad2218e4c4de39881b7 x64v.rpf - db647120263d0282b6f6c555f6112a1c x64w.rpf - 46a4abe50bfc78c30c0173d888cf2c4a

Then delete the ones that don't match.  Reopen the game and the game should download just those files saving you tons of GBs again to download.

I didn't know if this had been posted before but that's what saved me from having to do another 62 GBs.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Good to know for those that do play that.
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Hi The Name141 - That was very helpful information.  Thanks for sharing.  Exede Diana