Goodbye Forever Exede!

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It's been terrible knowing you and I'm glad I'm out. Tethering through my Verizon iPhone after coming off of your terrible service is like going from a Honda Civic with rod-knock to a brand new Lamborghini.

Freedom 150GB with 25Mbps boost. Average speeds during peak hours (evening) < 1Mbps down. Average speeds during off-peak < 3Mbps. Standard Exede reply: "Network congestion" + "We're launching a new satellite."

Just cancelled my service tonight after 6 months - feel like a burden has been lifted off of me. I was getting 0.99Mbps speeds down and 0.50Mbps speeds up. I'm a reasonable person, but after half a dozen calls and no help whatsoever, I was finished. What did it was the support rep telling me "I'm sorry our system we use to diagnose slow speeds is down." I'm tethered to my iPhone through Verizon and getting 10 times faster speeds. Thanks to their unlimited data plan that, even when throttled after 22GB of usage, is way faster than Exede. I've gotten Exede's mailing address for legal correspondence and I've got a lawyer who is going to help me combat the termination fees and my last month's bill. I've got every chat transcript I've had with this company, speed screenshots, a complaint to the FCC, and a copy of my contract. After 6-months my termination fee for the remaining 24-months is $270 which they are planning to charge to my card on file - except it expired this month before I could update it to the new card number, too bad.
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Another heart-warming story with a happy ending.  You are going to be remembered as the person that made people look around at how far LTE has been built-out.  People will start looking at cell repeaters and boosters to make  a weak signal come to their home.

If T-Mobile is near you, consider going to a MetroPCS store and subscribe to their $50.00/month plan that includes unlimited calling, text and data within the phone.  They give me 8GB/month for use when tethering to another device.  I can download unlimited to the phone so it helps when getting new video drivers.  I just save to an SD card and transfer later to my desktop computer.  The terms are that when you run out of tethering data the speed is reduced to their "system average" but I've never bought more GB ($5.00 each) because the speed never slows down. I'd use them instead of exede at home but their terms are that the phone cannot be a person's main internet source.  I just drive up to the top of my nearest mountain here, park, enjoy the view of San Jose, and download like a maniac. The T-Mobile/MetroPCS LTE speed in the  Silicon Valley is 50mb/sec, synchronous.

Have fun with your new freedom.

P.S.  The reason for T-Mobile is that they own MetroPCS.  T-Mobile doesn't have the data plans like MetroPCS has.  T-Mobile also messes with your video resolution, MetroPCS doesn't.  MetroPCS works anywhere T-Mobile does and there is no contract.
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Just a reminder to be careful when exceeding the 22GB threshold.  If you do it too often they can actually drop you.  It's ridiculous that they would do this, but it does happen.  

I don't have Exede, and I haven't been on these boards for very long. I only started coming to them due to using a similar ISP and the problems and questions being the same in many cases.  With that said, I can certainly understand your frustration.  

Good luck.

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