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We had a really good test of the Pass portion of the Liberty plan over the past week.  When my son came home for break we were already on the pass and I told him to still be mindful of resolution most of the time but just go ahead and stream and do what he wanted online so we could see how well it worked.  I don't know if we were using enough to put is in the "slower" category but he was able to watch videos on Netflix with ease.  Also we got a Chromecast and set it up while on the pass, it needed an update and that was a little slow downloading but it completed and then worked flawlessly.  The only issue we had was a party game we were trying out over Thanksgiving didn't want to run correctly but that may have been due to our router having too many devices connected to it rather than speeds on Exede.  The only bad thing was we forgot when the data reset (whoops) and burned through half our 12 GB in a couple days (whoops) so we will get another really good test of how well the Pass portion works this month, though some of that could have been updates and such that he might have downloaded while here so the second 6 GB should go slower but it will still be really early in the period when we go over this month.  A couple speed checks off and on ranged from a low of 1.5 mbps to about 6.7 mbps all very workable for the majority of online activities.  We were very satisfied with how it worked this month.
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Posted 5 years ago

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For anyone on Beam 329.  I made the jump to Liberty Pass as soon as I checked on it over Thanksgiving and saw it was available.  Went from 15 Classic to 18 Liberty and after doing some remote work immediately hit my limit so I have updated to the Liberty 30 as I need to be able to work from home.  I had been staying 4-6 hours late every night at the office to use the high-speed there and then driving an hour home to start working there around 11:00 PM and continuing through early AM.  The change should let me get home at a reasonable time and not worry about the limit or having to wait until midnight to start working and hope that the LNFZ isn't too congested to get anything done.

I can say that the pass continued to give me usable speeds even after the limit was reached.  I really hope it continues to perform as is since this is the best plan for me.  The really interesting thing for me is I was in the LNFZ when I made the switch and found that when in the LNFZ it was hardly usable, however once I flipped the plan to Liberty (which gave me more data to use by the end of the month since I also upgraded the plan) I immediately saw full speed return.  After the limit was hit saw consistent 1 Mbps - 5 Mbps even during the "congested" periods.  There were times it was a bit slower, but still very much usable for the majority of what I need it for.  I am gladly trading in the late nights for the ability to do reasonable work with the Internet at most other times during the day.

Especially if you find you could use the connection in the morning and skip the staying up late, the Liberty pass would probably work great for anyone else.  I will see how the next couple of months go. Hope this helps shed some light on this for anyone else on the same Beam.  I know 329 has been and may still be the most congested for quite some time.  Maybe they got this straightened out and with the new sat in 2016 I am really, really, really hoping to see a cost reduction or data speed / higher usage allocations coming.
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Interesting observation regarding behavior during the LNFZ while still on priority data.

On, there's some indication that it's possible to buy more priority data. Not that I'd be likely to do so (but never say never), can someone or the moderators confirm that?

While I'm on beam 329, it's through NRTC and would need to become a "new" old customer subscribing directly since it doesn't appear NRTC will be offering Liberty Plans. So I'm playing it a little more cautious since that will be a minor headache in a "new" install (albeit an easier one). 
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Old Labs, I am on the Liberty plan, and in the Dashboard, there is the option to buy additional priority data, just as there was on the Classic plan. Same price.