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hi i just wanted to say ive been able to game onto my ps3 AND xbox 360 wireless with my router :D but also... theres HARDLY ANY LAG!!! :D i mean its HARDLY even noticeable. :D when i play its so much fun :D also last time ive checked on my usaged... ive used about... 40gbs of my data from the freedom plan. :D its so AWESOME!!! :D i tend to watch like 30 mins videos onto youtube but i dont watch it in hd... as that can eat up my data ive heard... but also i tend to watch my videos at... 380p or 480p... thatll be the most ill go... also download time has been AWESOME!!! :D also another thing... ive gamed part last month for about... 3 days out of the week... i dont stay on my ps3 or xbox online too much... i only play battlefield 4 onto my ps3 for so long... so i tend to get worried my data is getting eat up... but when i checked i was AOK! :D ive used about... not even 1 to 2 gbs maybe less for about... 15 to 20 mins each game session online. i tend to download a 1 video on sunday. that is an mp4 video of my tv show. but also... ive watched... about... 11 episodes of a tv show... and it was about 30 mins long for each episode. ive watched 11 episodes and i checked my data cause i was worried. I GUESSED WRONG!!! :D it only took about... maybe 2 to 3gbs for ALL 11 episodes :D plus my youtube videos under 30 mins... yes when i watched the 11 episodes that sunday... they where all 480p... NOT HD. all total of data ive used was about... 40gbs... maybe wouldve been about.. close to 50gbs if i didnt switched over to the freedom plan last month when i had it installed. but ITS BEEN SO AWESOME!!! :D I LOVE THIS INTERNET COMPANY SO MUCH!!! :D THANK YOU EXEDE FOR HAVING SERVICE IN MY AREA!!! :D
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  • happy, excited, amazed, joyful, AND THANKFUL!!! :D

Posted 3 years ago

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It's been a year now so how is your service been? Have you had ANY problems like running out of data, very slow speeds, or have times when you are on restriction, other times just don't have internet? How do you like customer service or the lack there of?
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She is also on a been that offered freedom plans early on. Meaning a beam that is not congested.
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Deku gets those speeds because that just what "Living Right" gets people. 
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OH MY!!! @>@ this post is SO old XD that i forgets about it XD also... i thought people mightve forgotten about ALL the post that ive had posted to be honest XD but looks like i tend to see the same people onto my post :D which is very good and stuff :3 and also... they good people who post onto my posts :3 (ALL the good eggys are good :3 all the bad eggys are VERY BAD!!! DX )