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Many subscribers have asked to have a tool that gives them more information about their account, particularly as it relates to data usage. We’ve just introduced a beta version of something called MyESVT that will do just that. 

Among other info, MyESVT contains a more robust usage meter that will allow you to see a lot more detail about your data usage, including the types of usage, usage by type and when the usage occurred. It also has some troubleshooting and feedback tools to check out if you’re having trouble with your service (or just want to check the status).

How to get started: 

1. Go to  and log in with your regular credentials.

2. Read and accept the legal agreement. If you choose to decline, you won’t be able to view MyESVT.

3. You’re there! What you’ll see now is a dashboard that’s very similar to what our Care agents see if you were to call in looking for help on your account. The goal is to let you see what problems may exist as shown by the status and indicator icons on the dashboard and the actions you can take to resolve them yourself (the bottom row icons) or send it as feedback to us to help you to fix it (the mail/help icon). 

Please give us your valuable feedback about this tool:

• What info is helpful in resolving your issues on your own?

• What else could we add to further improve this tool?

Most of the items on the dashboard will tell you what they are by rolling over them. The dashboard is laid out in 5 layers:

(View a larger image here.)

Here’s a short glossary related to some of the terms on the dashboard that may be need more explanation:
MAC address: Your MAC address is a unique identifier consisting of letters and numbers of your modem (it might look like this: 00:A0:BC:11:22:33). 
Data Allowance Policy: This icon refers to when you’ve exceeded your monthly data allowance and have your service slowed/restricted or if you are in Liberty Pass.
Web Acceleration: This is special software built into your modem that allows us to make your webpages open more quickly. 
Packet Loss: Packets are data bits, and if some of these packets don’t make it to their destination, that’s called ‘packet loss.’ 
Throughput: Defines the round trip time of the data between your modem and the internet.
ODU: Outdoor Unit, refers to the dish assembly we’ve installed at your location.
IP Layer, Service Area and Gateway: Refers to the geographical location of your service.
Speed Test: Compared to a speed test you might use with a common utility like, our speed test tool tests directly from the modem — not over Wi-Fi. If you see a difference between a test you did with another tool over your wireless signal and the one directly from the modem, it likely points to a problem with the router.
LNFZ: Refers to the Free Zone if available on your plan. 
Here’s a bit more detail about those status indictors. Some of them are pretty technical while others are fairly simple to understand. We’ll skip the Green lights (those are good!) and focus on what you might need to do if one of the lights is yellow or red:

(View larger image here.)
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Great tool!  One suggestion:  The daily usage and use-by-category plots need actual numbers.  Labeling the ordinate would be a good start, but providing hard data for daily/category usage is needed for full user analysis.  Ideally, the numbers should pop up on rollover, but is that can't be done quickly enough, a tabular pop up would be fine.  

Keep up the good work!!
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I have been with Exede for over a year, and I am very happy with my internet service. I have not had any problems, except for storms or heavy snow, so I never really had to look for help. The only times I have called Customer Service was to change my plan.

A friend of mine asked me if I knew about this forum, and today is the first time I came to check it out. I came across this post about this new tool, and I have to admit, it is really great. It has so much more information than the Exede Dashboard, and I just love the daily data usage breakdown it provides. Thank you you Exede for providing us with this tool.

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