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I have no internet connection,why?
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Posted 3 weeks ago

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Could be a variety of issues.

You give no context on what plan you have, type of modem, etc.
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Please call Customer Care at 855-463-9333.  They can troubleshoot with you and determine why you're having connectivity issues, and order a service call if needed.
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We pay 170.00 a month for 100gb if data. My new month just started we are suppose to have download speeds of 50 mbps and we only have 3.8 mbps This **** is ridiculous. All that money and can’t even use the internet but it steadily says I’m using gigs. Lmao.
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Having no internet connection like the original poster and being slow are two different things.

There's very little information you've provided to go on here but...

Welcome to the new reality of 24 hour congestion which is one possible explanation; however, have you considered the possibility that something actually is steadily using you "gigs" without your knowledge? 

I would probably start with determining what's steadily using my gigs to see if its legitimate usage (but some here right now would be happy with 3.8 Mbps and even at that speed you can steadily use "gigs"). 

Your new month just started? What does that mean? Like at midnight? In the past there have been some isolated incidents where the new month hasn't reset on time and is delayed due to technical issues.

Contact support, there may be an issue that can be corrected.

But things aren't bad where I am at speed wise at 0515 when they a couple hours - the early bird gets the worm I guess while the night owls sleep late. 
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Those posted speeds are "up to" and not guaranteed. As said above most people would be happy with a steady 3.8 Mbps+ with anything other than hardwired broadband. If I got 3.8 Mbps and few outages I would have never dumped Viasat. My Red Wireless was just at 4.5, and I have no complaints.
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I am pleased with my wireless too.

Previously I was satisfied with Viasat too. Until they unilaterally changed how my plan worked. That was it.

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