Freedom plan in my area?

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I just called Excede to cancel my plan and the Sales guy told me about the Freedom plan. I was interested and asked when will it be available in my area? He said he had no idea, but more areas are being added this month and next. How could he not have access to the information? Sounded like a scam to make me pay for an extra two months worth of useless internet. Anybody have this magical list?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Nothing's official until the pointy-haired boss sends out the memo - until then it's just rumor (particularly when coming from a sales guy).

All that is known are those areas (actually spot beams) where it is now offered.    
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i was told 2016
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True, ViaSat-2 is schedule for launch in 2016 providing more capacity and wider coverage area (some of it covering the Atlantic ocean and presumably aimed trans-Atlantic crossings by air/sea).

No details regarding its plans are available yet, just as no details were provided to former Wildblue users until shortly before ViaSat-1 launch.

Best source of information on ViaSat-2 is over at straight from the horses mouth or following the investor quarterly reports.

Some changes in the upcoming months have been suggested here but really not much can be done about the fixed capacity of ViaSat-1 - probably more tweaking to get as much as possible out of that bird. But again nothing confirmed yet.     
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Like... It was Vice President Spiro Agnew that coined the expression "pointed headed pseudo-intellectuals" along with "effete snobs". But George Wallace took the expression to the next level with .."pone 'ed headed pseudo-intellectuals"
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Hello James, we are working on getting customers the Freedom plan in available areas. We are making moves at this time to rearrange things on our satellites. We will notify all customers once the Freedom plan is available to them. With the satellite that is going up in 2016, it will open up more opportunities for advancement as well. If you have further questions that you would like me to answer I can be reached at
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There have been rumblings about information in March about improved plans.  Even if they can't offer the Freedom plan in more areas, I personally would be happy to get something similar to what Hughes is offering in my area which is a 50 GB plan (with 50 GB bonus bytes from 2 am to 8 am...which for me is as good as the "free zone" since I don't have much use for the LNFZ outside of updates) combined with what they call "smart browsing" which as I understand it is what the Evolution plan is doing at this time (if you go over your data  you are still supposed to be able to run "normal" web browsing at normal speeds with video, FTP and other data intense uses throttled). so we are holding out a bit waiting to see what they might be offering in our area but also I have been doing a lot of research, talking to current Hughes subscribers, etc and we will jump ship unless Exede can produce a similar or better plan for a decent price.
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I'm ready to cancel as well. We live in an area that does NOT have any other internet available, (Frontier, Comcast, etc.) and probably never will. We've lived at the sample place for almost 20 years! I wish the the Freedom plan availability would be looked at differently for those in our situation. What IS available to us a hotspot from my phone and virgin mobile mifi. We are constantly "fapped" in 7 to 8 days. My kids use the mifi for gaming and how is it that they have never been fapped! We have heard everything from, "your modem is in the wrong time zone" or "our internet is so fast you use your MB faster" which is crazy. Again, they need to look at the unlimited plans based on the needs of their current customers as well as location!
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I guess there are a lot of us who prefer to manage our data usage and enjoy the high speeds as opposed to "unlimited" data usage and crawling speeds.  The pipe is only so big, and living in a fully utilized beam the congestion factor trumps the desire for higher data caps.
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I can see ViaSat-2 from my house! Someday...
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"our internet is so fast you use your MB faster" 

Like it or not, this is the truth.  There have been countless threads on this forum on how to best combat that phenomenon.  To paraphrase Uncle Ben (not the rice) "With great speed comes great responsibility"  
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I just called into to customer service to see as well when the new "freedom" plan would be available to me in the North Carolina mountains.  The agent said she had no idea...who decides these things? When I asked her if there are any other options for long standing customers she said my best bet is to call in and ask for a credit now and then and see if I can get an extra 5GB a month when I need it. She said it mainly depends on the person's mood that I speak with weather or not they grant the extra 5GB...I guess this morning she was in a good mood because she gave it to me.  I also asked her about the double your data promo that is currently being offered to people in my area...but alas..that is only for "new" customers....  I pay a lot of money each month for 25GB of data that is never enough...but I get told by someone that because I'm a long standing customer I'm only eligible for an occasional good grace 5GB bump depending on if the rep I speak with is in a good mood or not... great standers for a company to have...  and thanks a lot for rewarding your long paying customers with nothing...Oh, and thanks for ripping us off each month.  I'd cancel or switch night now...but this "service" is the only option I have.  
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Beau, you expect something for nothing? Wow, the CS rep gave you $50.00 worth of data as a gift, and you are so unthankful. I am very thankful that Exede offers such good service for those of us in the sticks, no complaints from me. Nine years ago all I could get was dial up internet, then Wildblue came along, and for the past three years, even better service with Exede.
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and so next time Steve, I call in and get a rep in a bad mood and she says No?  Just roll the dice each time I call in?  Yeah sure, I'm grateful I can turn my computer on and do work...such a privilege.  by the way....$50 for 5GB..!!??  How about a data plan that rewards long standing customers?  How about a data plan that's realistic?  I'm also in the sticks, but I'm also in the United States.  Many other countries have such better internet infrastructures then we do...I feel like I'm just being jerked around by Exede...but I'm glad you're happy.   
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The 5GB you got was probably some one being nice and giving it to you from the old Great Gig Give Away where they were giving out free 5GB of data to anyone that emailed them and asked but that promo has sense ended.  As far as the price yes, if you go to buy more data its $10 a gig.  As far as a realistic data plan what do you are on the 25GB plan.  I have lived on the 10GB plan from HughesNet for the last 9 years and only went over on data maybe 3-4 times in those 9 years.  Even now with Exede I'm on the 10GB with 20GB 6-month promo and have been watching movies last few days because I hadn't even used 10 of my 20.  I'm guessing you are on Beam 335 along with me sense you say you are in the NC Mtns. Each beam only has a limited amount of bandwidth that has to be shared between everyone on it.  That is the reason for the data caps, it's not that exede cant offer unlimited data to everyone its the fact that if they did it would overload the satellite and we would all be back to the cup and string to communicate.  The data caps are there to keep you from using tons of bandwidth at a time.  If they weren't there everyone would be streaming music and YouTube and movies all at the same time with no regards to how much bandwidth they were using and the satellite would be over loaded.
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I had the Freedom plan for 6months and now all the sudden after the promo it is unavailable to me. I think Exede is a rotten good for nothing lying company that scammed me into a plan. They tied me into a contract, knowing that they would take the freedom plan down. Now my family is so use to having so much internet and now we have to go down to 20gb. We could use that in 3 days! Rotten, just rotten! It is shocking how they behaved. I was promised I could upgrade to the same plan with 150gb after promo! I am really mad! Obviously, a company of jerks! Shame on you! Deceiving people into a contract with promises of lies! I hope ya'll go out of business! Don't sign up for freedom, because you are certain not to keep it! Thanks for nothing!
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I'd go so far as advising people to avoid Exede at all costs. I'm paying for 12 mbps, and I'm lucky to get 1/10th that speed ALL THE TIME. Continual service disconnections all day. And all Exede customer service tells me is "beam congestion" - can't do anything about the speed. So yeah, paying over $100 for 1.5 mbps & continual service interruptions. Yeahy, Exede.

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