Free Zone with a Liberty plan? Why, yes!

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Today marks the introduction of a few new Exede plan options available in certain areas. We’ve got Liberty plans with data plans up to 50 GB in some areas, plus available 25 Mbps download speed and Wi-Fi options. Also, by popular demand, a Free Zone for Liberty has been added in some areas. It’s a shorter one (3-6a.m.) but still useful for those who time-shift their downloads from Netflix etc.

These plans are not available everywhere – it’s based on capacity – but many areas do have them so if you’re curious, enter your Zip at or just log in to your account at to see your upgrade options. If you're not seeing anything new for your Zip, hang on: we'll have more plan options later in the year after we add the capacity from our new ViaSat-2 satellite, which launches soon!
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Alex, Viasat Corporate Communications

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Posted 3 years ago

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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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Thank you Alex and the entire ViaSat team.
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Michael Heggen

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This announcement comes at the same time that Boost 25 was dropped for our area—without any notice whatsoever. As Boost 25 was the main reason we chose Exede, I am not very happy about this.

This shuffling of available satellite bandwidth strikes me as an orbital game of Three-Card Monte....
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Tim Spake

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What good is Boost 25 when they give you 5Mbps or less?
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So that explains the new plan. Thankyou very much :)
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Sophie Mae

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I'm trying to upgrade from Liberty 18 to Liberty 25, and I when I submit the change, I receive an error that the Change Plan Unavailable (Please Note We’re sorry! Something went wrong with your request and your changes have not been saved. Please give it a try later.)

Is the system experiencing issues at the moment?

ETA: I just tried for a fourth time, and the change was accepted. :)
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Hi Sophie,  Thank you for the update.  I'm glad you were able to get your transition order to complete for the new plan.  
Have a great weekend!
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Thanks for the info!  Was just on a basic Liberty 10 and went to the Liberty 12.  An extra 2 gig of priority, a three hour free period in the middle of the night [download managers, folks!! :) ] and it's $10 bucks cheaper a month.  Whats not to like?  Even on Liberty Pass I usually run a torrent at night and wake up with the download in the morning.  Biding my time until the new bird is ready this fall and then it's really time to rock.  Great job folks and unlike many here who are running into problems Exede has exceeded what I was getting with the Hughes 9000 system.  They're deploying the Gen5 system so we'll see how Viasat 2 compares when that is online.
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why not fix the free zone that yall already have, where it does not count into the daytime useage?
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Diana, Viasat Employee

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James, If you feel this is occurring with your account, please send an email to
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Deku (The #1 Hero Data Saver)

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@.@ COOL BEANS!!! :D also thank you alex and also viasat-steam <3 YOUR THE BEST!!! <3 AND I WOULDNT CHANGE ANY OTHER INTERNET PROVIDER I MEAN NONE!!! CAUSE I LOVE THIS SERVICE SO MUCH!!! :D also i get good speeds AND good help when imma having trouble :3 ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX AND VIASAT-TEAM!!! <3
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Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  I was contemplating switching to a cell phone plan when I got back from vacation, but not now!  50 GB plus Free Zone for less than I was paying for 30 GB.  And I just checked my speeds at 14 Mbps just after midnight.  A very happy customer.
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Very happy also. I'm getting twice the data I used to for about 5 extra dollars a month.
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Yeah, I went from $5/GB to $2/GB with this upgrade!
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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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I went from Liberty 18 GB to Liberty 50 GB plus the 3 hour free zone for exactly the same price. I am very pleased with what Exede is doing.
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It was enough to get me to come back to satellite.  I jumped ship for a T-1 (slow as snot and as expensive as can be, but steady and always up) line.  I'd survived Hughes, switched to WildBlue, which wasn't all that bad, and made the transition to Exede,  which was WildBlue on steroids.  Now that Exede is getting more assets deployed, I gave them another shot and have been very pleased so far.
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Phyllis Phucas

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My router only goes to one room other than the one it is in. When I complained, i got a "larger " router, and that one has the same results. 12 gb gives me the hives, as I use nearly 1000 gb when viewing on Roku and amazon fire. Noe I cannot watch anything on either. I did not realize how this plan would limit me. Very unhappy!
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Stephen Rice, Champion

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Its nice.