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My experience with Exede/WildBlue is one of fraudulent charges. MY personal financial info was used to illegally purchase equipment ordered by a Now-deceased individual WITHOUT my knowledge or consent. Exede/WildBlue has refused to refund the three hundred and twelve dollars to my account UNLESS I climb on top of a house, which, I might add, is now occupied by uninterested and uninvolved individuals, and to go into this uninvolved individual's home and remove a "box" whose location and appearance are unknown to me. Unhappy is not the word I would apply to my experiences with Exede/WildBlue. Infuriated is more appropriate at this point. I am a RETIRED REGISTERED NURSE!!! I do not make a habit of climbing up on roofs or entering other people's homes, uninvited. This is a problem Exede needs to address with my financial institution! Thanks. Catherine H. Davidson, Vina, Al 35593
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Posted 4 years ago

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I am not an attorney, however some questions that come to mind are as follows:

How did this unauthorized person gain access to your financial information?  Is this a case of Identity Theft or stolen Credit Card?  If the latter, then you should be able to file a claim with the Credit Card company and they can take it from there.  If it is the former, then your claim would likely be against the estate of the individual that impersonated you.

If Exede actually charged you based on a contract entered into by someone that is NOT authorized to make such a contract on your behalf, then you should be able to break the contract and again work with your financial institution to recover any money the individual spent without your permission.  Now, again this assumes this individual did not have their name on the account and did not have any form of authorization from you to make these charges or enter into this agreement.

Now, if you gave this individual your information and gave them permission to use it, then unfortunately any money spent to this point is probably a lost cause.  If this individual was an authorized signee on the account, then he or she had the authority to make a payment from that account to Exede and as such the money spent thus far, while not specifically authorized by you, is still a valid charge as the user was authorized at the time the charge was made..  Any agreement and future billings are probably null and void since that agreement was between Exede and that individual (unless the individual also had the legal ability to enter into a contract on your behalf). Exede's claim is against that person and not against you as you did not enter into that agreement.  Once again that assumes that you had zero knowledge, there was no expectation that this person could or should be able to agree to anything on your behalf.

The unfortunate thing to all of this is that in order to unravel it, you will probably need legal assistance and representation.  That is why I once again say start with your financial institution as they are best equipped to work out the details on this.  Most likely, they will do a quick inquiry and if they determine the charges were unauthorized they will reverse the charges and you will have your money back.  Exede would then have to determine if they can recoup anything from the other individual or his or her estate.

I would also file a report with the police and report the fraudulent activity so that it is on the record.

My best advice here is email the moderators here at with any information regarding the exede account number, name, phone number, email address, etc that might be associated with this account and they will most likely find a resolution to the problem. At the same time inform your financial institution of the situation and you may need to cancel or put a hold on your card that the charges are being made until this is all straightened out.

I hope you get this sorted out and keep in mind - any and all thoughts or advice above are purely my own speculation as to how I might handle a situation such as this.  I am not in any way responsible for anything that occurs should you choose to or not to use any of the thoughts or advise above.  Every action you take is at your own risk and you, by using ANY of the items above agree to hold harmless any and all individuals that contribute such thoughts or advice in this thread, including, but not limited to myself.
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Well said