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After reviewing other corporate forums like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, they are organized into sections where users can seek out potential information.  And if needed, an user can post their question.

Here, members have complained, over and over, about Get Satisfaction's forum model.  On the above mentioned forums, I have not encountered members complaining about forum template.

Economically, since ViaSat-1 satellite has been "generating a "really high IRR [internal rate of return]," this should not be an issue.

As noted in the Forum Decorum, "we also believe it’s important for you to talk with each other."   With a means to contact individually a given member, I perceive this can be accomplished.
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Oh we feel very similar and would like to see a revamp as well but lots of moving parts and it's a much harder process than saying "ok let's do it" so.....stay tuned?
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I miss the old forum...
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I hate to disagree but it really isn't that difficult to start up a new forum.  I use vBulletin to run my website,  

I literally work up one morning and decided I was going to start my own Delorean community.  That same day I purchased the vBulletin software for about $300, signed up for a Godaddy account, and withing 24 hours my redneck self figured out how to make it all work.  I now have a somewhat successful forum that is over 800 members strong.

It ain't much, but its better software than here, easier to sort though, and most importantly, it has an ignore feature!  The Veteran keeps begging to have the ability to put me on ignore and vBulletin would make that possible. 
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I miss the old forum and I'd just change identities - now I am a pinniped, previously a quadraped - if necessary I can become a biped or an octoped - still got one email address to burn and I'd like to be under the sea.
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In a yellow submarine?
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@Brad & @Matt

Let's review:

1.  13 February 2006 - Unexpected Demand Takes WildBlue, Telesat by Surprise

An unexpected demand surge in some parts of the United States has forced satellite-broadband provider WildBlue Communications to close two of its satellite beams to new subscribers as it designs a software upload to accommodate the new capacity, WildBlue and industry officials said.....Dankberg said he was pleased to hear that WildBlue had decided to close subscriptions in high-demand regions while capacity is adjusted rather than let service quality suffer.

2.  Oct 1, 2009 - For Dankberg, who never appears at a conference without quoting the latest Cisco Systems Internet traffic report, this was all too predictable. “People want to make the broadband story complicated, but it’s really very simple,” he said in the interview. “It’s about bandwidth, bandwidth and bandwidth.”

Both cites above suggests Dankberg is concerned about consumers

3.  January 3, 2019 . Viasat expands Carlsbad headquarters, highlighting tech and beach vibe   Chief Executive Mark Dankberg said amenities aren't necessarily a requirement in the arm's race to attract top tech talent. But the perks do help...

And he's concerned with employee's well being.

If corporate or government entities had a concern, ViaSat has listened for years to them, and relevant or appropriate corrective actions were taken.  For satellite consumers, was/is a valid email address.

Now, is Dankberg pleased to hear that his consumer customers have resoundingly voiced their objection to this current forum's format?  Would he approve of employee teams not listening or not taking a course of action, due to "their thumbs in the proverbial pie?"
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I miss the old forum.
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Customers only would lock out me, Gabe, and YOU!
Yep.  And if it's better for the customers it'd be fine with me. 

I can say that HughesNet's present forum is far better than their old GetSat forum.  Only current subscribers and HughesNet reps, private messaging, categories, member ranking, language filters, the ability to report offensive posts, and they ask our input on a regular basis, including what caused them to add the General category, where we can "goof off", if you will.  Plus, the Community itself is tied into our accounts, so we can easily look at our information, linked from the same site.  

It took them quite some time to set it up, and before they did so they invited a few of us regulars to a test forum, where we could try it out and let them know what worked and what didn't, both on the technical and general support levels.  

GetSat is okay, but it's very restrictive when it comes to personalization.  It's a one size fits all, cookie cutter solution, but it doesn't always fit very well.  To be honest, I'm really surprised that GetSat themselves haven't really changed anything over time.