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Hi everyone!

Since its been a few years since the rules/general FAQs (or what Brad called "Forum Decorum" today -- I really liked that, obviously) for this community have been posted, I decided to post some updated ones as a refresher. 

What is the point of this website? 

The main purpose of the Viasat forum is to give our current and future customers a place to talk about their Viasat internet service. This includes praise, problems, and everything in between. As much as we love connecting with each of you, we also believe it’s important for you to talk with each other. This forum allows for both!

As we want to foster a community atmosphere, you are also totally allowed to post about off-topic subjects, as long as they are appropriate and family-friendly.

How can I tell if I’m talking to an actual employee? 

All Viasat employees will be identified by their title (“Employee,” “Company Admin,”etc.). Some official responses from Viasat employees may also be marked with“Official Reply”.

Who are the Viasat Champions? 

Champions are typically people with solid knowledge of computers, technology and the Viasat service who enjoy sharing their knowledge to help answer customer questions. They are not Viasat employees, but they have been recognized by the company for being helpful, knowledgeable members of the community.  

Champions aren’t paid, but they may be eligible for a few perks or thank you gifts.

Champions may also lose their Champion status.

How do I become a Champion? 

Viasat is always looking for helpful members of the community to designate with Champion status. If you consistently help other users with their problems, you may be invited to become a Champion. 

I’d like to join a discussion, but it says it’s closed to comments. What does this mean? 

The forums are much easier for everyone to use when each thread sticks to the original topic and the conversation stays respectful. So when a thread begins to wander off topic or the discussion turns unpleasant, administrators may close the section to further comments. Old threads with outdated information may also be closed or archived. If you have something important to add, you are always welcome to start a new thread. 

I started a new thread, but someone changed the wording of my headline! Why? 

When our customers come to the forum with questions, we want them to find an answer as quickly as possible. This means the headline of each thread needs to be clear, specific, and include certain keywords. Administrators may change a headline to clarify the actual question or comment. 

For instance, a headline like this: 

Aaghh! What’s wrong?!? 

May be changed to: 

Can’t access voicemail features 

Our administrators do not change the actual content of posts – only headlines. The only exception to this is if someone reveals personal information such as their email address or uses profanity. In these cases, we may hide the personal information, or edit out profanity,  but allow the rest of the post to stay visible.

Why did my comment or post get deleted? 

The following things may cause your post to be deleted: 

·       Profanity, or inappropriate/suggestive behavior

·       Abusive language, threats, or actions toward other users or admins 

·       “Hijacking” other users’ questions 

·       Outbound links that don’t directly contribute to the conversation 

·       Spam posts, or reposting the same thing over and over 

·       Selling, marketing, or advertising services or products

Does Viasat ban users from this forum? 

Yes, but rarely. Users who have persistently used profanity, acted abusively, posted spam or done similar things will be banned. Administrators may decide to reactivate banned users after a day or two. Users who repeatedly break the rules may be banned permanently. 

That's it! 

I just wanted to thank everyone again for helping to make this community what it is. If you have any questions, comments, etc. about these policies, please let me know in the comments below. If you want to ask questions about anything else or start a new off-topic discussion, please start a new thread. 

Thanks again, everyone!

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Posted 2 years ago

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Wow...   A most-excellent message from our leader.  I've looked at everything you said and feel confident everyone will adhere to your guidelines.  People develop personalities here and so far, I think everyone is pretty-much in line with the guide, even me.  My post can take on a rather stern rebuke for some that show up to attack Viasat with accusations of various forms of cheating customers because their Internet experience is not what they expected.  I try to remember to refer them to the email solution available to them, but sometimes unreasonable people just need a cold dose of "how cows eat cabbage" but I keep it clean in the language awhile enlightening them to just how ridiculous their accusations against Viasat really are, especially if they haven't tried any method of getting their problem solved by Viasat.
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"Champions may also lose their Champion status."

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seems to have hit a nerve, none the less,  I still look forward to your responses 
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No feelings hurt over here. I'm still rocking and rolling with the free zone. Had 16 mbps speeds this morning and I'm paying for up to 12 mbps.
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You are the "Unchampion" Stephen!
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Kinda like T-Mobile being the un-carrier. Lol
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I so could say something but I won't :)

Thanks for re-posting the guidelines!
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Ah.  Thank you for posting this.  
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thanks for the information!!!

also i ummm... id like to respond to the last sentence at the bottom BUT!!! i wont question NOR respond :3

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2019 bump.  Please be aware of our forum rules. Especially the solicitation portion. We'll gladly talk to you at