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I'm not looking for any answers on this since I'm continuing to narrow down the issue and post only so others are aware of it, but occasionally experience slow speeds myself even during the LNFZ when I expect low congestion either that or those in beam 329 are up pretty early this AM - JEP go back to sleep, I'm working here!

The symptom manifests itself on the bottom of the modem status page at with a High Open Socket Count:

However, I have concluded this is unrelated to Exede, and is caused by a misbehaving page and/or update activity. While I've have failed to pinpoint the culprit or exact circumstances, the list has substantially narrowed for me this AM.

Regardless, if experiencing sporadic or intermittent slowdowns - check your modem status with the link above for a High Open Socket Count. The only workaround I've found  to restore it to good health is a one-finger salute to the power strip controlling both modem and router  - power down the modem/router, pause for a while (10 seconds works for me others pause longer), power up the modem/router and enjoy the blue-light special as the modem reacquires the signal. Next time so as to eliminate the router from the equation, I'll salute the power strip controlling the modem only (it's plugged into the other power strip, actually a UPS).

Not a cure-all for all speed issues, but works for this specific symptom.
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Posted 5 years ago

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That's petty good work for a Dog.

I have felt the LNFZ surge/ slowdown, but i did not check the modem stat's. I guess the one finger shutdown does make sense just to flush the system before we start a mass download session.

Thanks for the heads up Lab. Every little bit helps.
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Yep, I've grown accustomed to the slowdown at midnight as everybody's scheduled downloads kick in, so typically don't bother with any heavy lifting until 2:00 - 3:00AM.

This one pops up randomly, but am sure it's not Exede Brian phoning home. Just an unruly web page or java script as best I can tell, and even happens during daylight hours.           
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Lab - Yep, I can go back to sleep, cuz that's not a problem I have seen on my end.  Hope you get it figured out!
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Just checking, I'll cross you off the list of suspects.
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Thanks for posting this. If you see any issues persistent on our end, please let me know and I will take a look. Thanks again!
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Thank you for posting that information Lab Rescuer. It always helps whrn good information is posted on this forum. Good Day to all of you.
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that is their plan limit your usage so you can buy more data that is how they rip you off and yes this internet service sucks

this is the first company besides HughesNet that I have ever seen that charges for data most internet providers give you unlimited internet access
This is a rip off because they are piggy backing off other internet providers that is why the lousy service
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Old Labs (VS1-329-L12FZ)

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Except of course in my case it did turn out to be an unruly javascript on a page I sporadically visited (don't even remember which one since it was over a year ago).

FWIW, I've been on Exede since November 2012 and have never gone over my data allowance (10 GB), except for one time at the end on of monthly usage period. Then it was on purpose, to determine what impact going over would have (best to know in advance). The majority of the time I've been on Exede, I worked from home as a software developer and my typical usage was above that for a normal user by simply leveraging the late night free zone and using every possible usage conservation technique known including an ad blocker, the proper flash and HTML5 video control, as well as the appropriate browser.

Prior to that I was on Wildblue for 7 years so became pretty familiar with the limitations and tricks needed to cut down on unwanted data usage. Wildblue had a much more draconian data access policy; you weren't able to buy more but even then I never found it necessary to upgrade beyond the basic value pack.   

As I sit here, my traffic monitoring software shows me I've pulled data off off some 725+ web sites to the tune of 14BMB today and my Exede usage meter shows in fact that I've used 150 MB (they report and round to the nearest 10 MB with the NRTC meter that's displayed).

The key for me has been to block all of the unnecessary and unwanted traffic, otherwise my usage would be 3-4 times what it actually is.

Satellite isn't for everybody, only those who have absolutely no other viable options since the limits on capacity are fixed at the time the satellite launches. That satellite is Viasat's and they aren't piggybacking on anything - it is however the weakest link at least until a new satellite is launched and the current one is being taxed to its limit in some areas like mine. Given another viable option, most of us who are reluctantly satisfied with Exede would switch in a heartbeat. The difference for us however, is that we've spent a good deal of time and effort monitoring traffic to know exactly where it's going and take the appropriate steps needed to eliminate much of the crap that appears on today's web sites while also tracking down all applications that perform updates silently in the background and ensuring they cannot do so without our knowledge while deferring those updates to a more appropriate time.

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