For anyone who thinks Viasat is too expensive.

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I know a lot of people post about how expensive they think the Gold & Platinum plans are. Saw this on Verizon’s website this morning and it made me appreciate Viasat that much more.
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Posted 1 year ago

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The AT&T Fixed is hopefully going to be rolled out here soon. We'll be able to sell it at the store, Elchicano65's info is dead-on with what I am hearing. The 340 gig per month seemed like a strange number when I first heard it......why not 350? 340 just seems odd. 

I'm starting to fool around with some PTP units for customers who are going to want to shoot the wifi long distances. 

Hopefully when they roll this out, it will take some demand off VS1 and speeds will begin to increase. As of now, even though each and every day VS1 has fewer and fewer customers, the remaining customers just suck up the newly freed up bandwidth. This of course is the foundation stone for my argument that VS3 is NOT going to be THE will be AN answer. I saw an article just the other day in which several streaming services reported over 100% increases in year to year numbers. Hence, the demand is outstripping the ability of delivery rural areas anyway. 

Andy aka former Champion
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Remember...I'm not only a retailer and installer, I'm also a paying customer. One of the primary reasons I decided to pay for my VS2 service rather than go with a free showroom acct was that I wanted to make sure I could see exactly what I was selling to customers who were coming in my store or calling us on the phone. 

I was NOT a conflict of interest. It was what I said. Don't bother asking me what it can all read my posts. 

I DO really appreciate the fact that many of you have enjoyed reading my posts. Hopefully I have been able to shed some light on what goes on behind the curtain. 

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You have! And it is very much appreciated.
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You definitely have, Andy. I have found you helpful many, many times. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
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We keep getting notifications by mail that AT&T fixed wireless is available to us now but the Cap is 170GB for $50 and $10/50GB overages. We are considering it for the near future since our Viasat Freedom 150GB plan has been nothing but absolute trash the last couple months during Primetime. We'll see
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Act before 9/30/2018 and you can double the data to 340 GB for the same price (I'd ask if that's a lifetime offer).  You get the $50 price only if you bundle with a qualifying AT&T service. If not it's $60.

At face value with a minimum speed of 10 Mbps beats Freedom, IMO.  I'd jump on it if it were available in my area.
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this is just my reactions to the verizon plan that gives you 100gbs for 710$... this is my reaction to that...

AND THEN!!! THIS IS MY REACTION FOR MY UNLIMITED SILVER PLAN 150GBS SPEEDS UP TO 25MBPS THAT IMMA ON RIGHT NOW!!!  (this one is an oldie... sooo imma guessing Matt B knows what this is... OR anyone who has seen this or heard of it :3   )

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This is "one for the books."  Awesome.
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Considering the expenses involved of designing, building and launching geosynchronous satellites into orbit not to mention the expensive network operations centers [none of these expenses terrestrial providers have to pay for] it's quite a deal to get any kind of satellite internet whatsoever for less than a couple of hundred bucks a month.  I'm on the 50Gb plan for $100 a month and don't even come close to using it all.  For those of us that live in the boonies it's the best option available and for me it's a nice tradeoff.  Where else can you sit on your porch and browse the Internet while watching the bear, deer and occasional wolves....not to mention the chickens happily clucking away?
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No clue, Deku. ;-)
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