Firefox plugin to stop tabs from using 'net but not need to reload page?

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I like to keep multiple tabs open for various reasons and sometimes the tabs will continue to send/receive data and also hog resources. One solution I found was to suspend the tabs when not in use, but the problem there is that it requires me to reload everything when I click on them and that can use more bandwidth.

Does anyone know of a plugin that will essentially let me freeze the page as it is and only draw on the cache stored on my computer to view when I need to view it again, instead of needing to communicate through the internet when I reactivate it?

I tried a plugin recently that suspended all non-used tabs, but when I tried to view them while my connection was out, it tried to load the page and I got the error about not being connected to the internet to view it. I would like to avoid this.

So, anyone know of such a plugin?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I've found none... and I've looked although not recently. Most implement it exactly as you describe, by reloading when the tab becomes active. I'm not sure any of them offer true hibernation as opposed to simple suspension.

Back in the Wildblue days on a 512 Kbps plan before Exede, I'd frequently load a group of favorites simultaneously just to overcome the abysmal Wildblue speeds... under the theory that once I was through perusing one page on switching to the next it would have finished loading. For the most part it worked well.

On switching to Exede that became impractical with increased speeds and more dynamic web sites (due to data plan limits not speed) and started looking for an add-on like that suggested. I quickly abandoned the search recognizing it was probably an unsolvable problem with today's web sites (or at least unsolvable with respect to the amount of effort I wanted to solve it or find a solution).

In the end, I simply abandoned the multiple tabs open approach except where I deemed it absolutely necessary to the task at hand. I might go back if someone finds one, but for now am resigned to living with the limitations of satellite internet, 
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Firefox doesn't automatically refresh webpages, but it does honor page coding to do refreshes. This forum does not reload after I come back to it when I put it in a Tab.  I have to refresh it to see the new posts.
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Yeah, not all pages do it, but some send and receive data without reloading. I wish I knew how to block that.
Could there possibly be something I could do in the Firefox settings to freeze pages so the don't try to send and receive? When I disconnect my internet, the pages stay static, but when online they communicate with the server it seems.

Anyway, if anyone has some ideas, please let me know.