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Good afternoon friends,

I was a 25 Classic Wild Blue and a 150G 25 Silver customer.

When there is no other option for internet Viasat fills that void.  Actually the 25 Classic with the midnight to 5 free zone was a pretty good plan, not much data but adequate speed.  I hated monitoring my data so closely but I worked it out.

I teach on the internet and need the connection and Excede/Wildblue was filling that requirement.

I always rewarded myself when on the 25 classic plan by watching a good jazz youtube concernt on the last day/night of my data period, and it always worked out.

The 150G plan solved all my late night and data issues, keeping 6 or 7 computers updated etc., online teaching used some data but i never used more than 93G of my allotted 150.

Then Viasat sends the email clamping down on the 150 plan.  At first i still had pretty good daytime numbers, but after a few weeks 1.5 Mbps was all i could get, and while i got by, i was less than happy.  After all I was a conservative user of data and didn't go on line between 5PM and midnight because, why add to the congestion when i could accomplish my teaching, banking etc. during the day.

I wrote an email to Viasat Listens, explaining my situation and their reply was change your plan, disconnect or deal with it.

So much for V listens, they do they just don't really care.  Now I could have changed plans but I survived and didn't want to pay more for less, start monitoring data closely and probably get the same service, I really lost faith in Viasat, I just didn't trust them anymore.

The good:

Years ago I got an excellent installation, I think i was with them for 7 or 8 years, i never had the need for a service call, other than to change my tria when going to Viasat.  So cudos to the installers and the quality of the equipment.  Cleaned a little snow off the dish a time or two, a reboot now and then and everything worked, but during the last 4 months pitifully slow.

I only called tech support 2 times during my time with this sat company and the service was ok.

The bad:

The first problem with V is that their advertising is misleading, i don't remember the adjectives but basically indicating a really fast internet.  This issue provides the first major issue, new customers are expecting something that V can not deliver.  And that starts the ball rolling for discontent with the company.  Be truthful, tell it like it is, honesty, oh well probably won't change after they are trying to sell a service.  Most new customers don't have an option, I think they could be more honest about the service that they can deliver, this would lower their expectations and cause less discontent with a company that they think hood winked them into a 2 year contract.

Internet is like another utility service, you need electricity, water, some kind of sewage and the internet.

Fortunately there is a government, subsidized, initiative to support broad band coverage for the country and you should all inquire with your community government, power company to find out if they are pursuing the funding to add the infrastructure to support FIOS.  It is more than just stringing lines, many poles must be replaced, junctions/nodes constructed etc.
It doesn't happen over night.  But for the education of the students, at school and home there is a necessity for a reasonably fast reliable and affordable ISP.

I notified Viasat in early June that I would be disconnecting at the end of the month, and requested that they send my the box to return my equipment.

That phone call went extremely well, the agent was a total professional and everything went like clockwork.

I have had FIOS since July 1 and as you can imagine it is another world.  I selected the 100 Mbps  plan for 100 dollars a month. I have experienced no slow downs based on the time of day, number of users in my home etc.

I have an extremely large home so I got two FIOS mesh extenders, I have complete coverage on all floors and the basement of my house with the same speeds.  I even get about 75 Mbps on the deck and by the pool, so an excellent system.

The below speed test was done on my lap top by the pool.

Get involved with your community government, power company and make sure they are pursuing the latest broad band initiatives.

Also about a year ago, Verizon gave me a 4G network extender for phone coverage, they or your current company might provide them free of charge, check that out it really improved my cell phone coverage.  It uses your wifi to assist with calls etc.  If i turn my wifi off and realizing i am still using my FIOS, i get 60 to 75 Mbps when using my phone for doing internet operations.

All the best.

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Posted 4 months ago

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Fios? You lucky SOB. It will never get to my area. My girlfriend has cable that I speed tested at 147 Mbps.
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I keep hearing a Queen song in my head with respect to all these former 150GB plan customers.

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"Another One Bites the Dust"?
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I guess he found Freedom (new) after all.....
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Having ViaSat is like living in a ghetto, everyone wants out and will get out, as soon as they can.
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Funny post J & J.

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