Feedback from an Exede Voice Customer/ Concerned about those Surcharges and Fees

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I have for years been longing to get rid of my Verizon residential phone. ;With me, it often comes down to how can I get the most for my money, so it has been killing me for years seeing how much of my verizon phone bill consisted of all those federal, state and local taxes, fees and misc "surcharges". At the time I switched from verizon to exede voice, a month ago, my verizon home phone bill included $10 a month just for all those surcharges and fees! When I signed up for exede internet and exede voice, I told the rep I wanted to know exactly what my bill was going to be each month, including taxes and fees. I guess she didn't have all the facts about exede voice because she neglected to mention any surcharges and fees except for the taxes....turned out that on my Exede voice bill the total taxes, surcharges and fees comes to $9.76. This is going to be a problem for me in terms of keeping Exede voice in the long run. When some time ago I switched from Verizon wireless to Straighttalk Cell phone service, I went from about $10 a month of all those taxs and surcharges to something like a monthly tax of 50 cents...and nothing else with straight I do know that all those fees don't have to show up on every phone provider's bill. When a co. does charge a customer all those surcharges, taxes and fees I have noticed that the total of these creeps up and up little by little every month. Really, I am not goes up a few cents evry month on average, and I would check my verizon bill line by line to find out which fee or surcharge had crept up that month. I hope this isn't going to happen with Exede voice. At the end of my 1st 6 months contract as a Voice customer, I will be deciding whether to keep Exede voice or to go with another VOIP which costs less and doesn't have all those surcharges and fees. One of the incentives with Exede voice is the fact that using it doesn't use up any of the data allowance, but I have a feeling that with my phone usage, not much would be used anyway. And certainly there are other voip plans out there which are much much less expensive...and without almost $10 a month in surcharges and fees. I looked up online exactly what Exede Voice says about these additional fees, and this is what I found: "f you are an Exede Voice subscriber, you may see surcharges on your bill. These are charges we collect from you to help defray costs imposed on us. We are permitted but not required by law to collect these surcharges. Surcharges may include, but are not limited to: administrative cost recovery charges, universal service fund charges, gross receipts charges and other charges to recover costs associated with governmental programs, and certain taxes imposed upon us concerning the Exede Voice service. The amounts, and the components used to calculate surcharge amounts, are subject to change." I esp. note where it says Exede is permitted but not required to collect these surcharges...I understand that Exede Voice is a business and not some kind of public service, but I did want you to know that I am one customer who pays close attention to the bottom line, and find those surcharges to be a problem for me..particularly because the ARE subject to change and often do creep up month after month after month...I would hope that Exede voice will do what it can in making business decisions re: charges to NOT keep increasing these surcharges and fees, and I would hope that Exede will look at becoming more competitive with other available VOIP services in this regard. One example of another voip service I could choose at the end of my 6 month's contract is BasicTalk which is available through walmart. I actually tried this for one month, and the total cost of this voip, including all of its surcharges and fees, was a little over $12 per month...vs. Exede voice which is coming to $29..99 PLUS the $9+ dollars a clearly I would be better off with Basictalk (except for the fact it would count against my data allowance, but again, I doubt in my case this would be a problem, but perhaps VOIP uses up more of one's data allowance than I realize?). As for the quality of BasicTalk vs Exede--seems the same to me. The quality of my phone calls is less than it was with verizon residential due to latency and occ. noise on the line, but it is quite tolerable for me as long as there is a financial advantage to my choosing a VOIP. Personally I am hoping that Exede Voice might become more competitive in terms of cost. If it does , then I would consider keeping it after my 6 month's contract is up. One other concern I have had so far as an exede voice customer is that I was told when I signed up that I should be able to fax with Exede voice...the rep who signed me up even asked me for the exact make/model of my fax machine, said she looked it up and said it should work with Exede Voice. But when I set up my voice account, I found I cannot fax at all anymore..I called Exede Voice and they told me the Exede employee who signed me up was wrong and should never have told me that I would be able to fax using Exede voice. I did research the whole faxing while using a Voip service issue online, and apparently this is something that is possible under the right circumstances (although of course I can't comment about exede voice and FAXING)...I changed my fax setting according to those recommendations but still cannot fax...I am hoping that Exede Voice will look at this issue in the future since there are always tech changes happening which might make faxing possible with exede voice. In fact when someone calls me on my Exede voice, the recording telling someone how to leave a message also gives them the option to FAX something...! haven't tried that out and don't understand why this is built into the exede auto voice mail message if faxing isn't possible with exede voice as I was told by the technician I spoke to. If there really IS some way that I can possibly fax using Exede voice, of course I would like info about that. (I already followed the online general recommendations to decrease fax speed to 9600 and to turn off error correction--didn't help) thanks for listening.
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Posted 5 years ago

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You've raised an interesting question. How can a prospective customer know what surcharges and taxes will be before ordering? I hope a mod will jump in and answer this for us.
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You have stumbled upon one of exede's greatest (fixable) faults, poorly trained customer service reps.  From what I've read in this, and the other forum, the clear lack of quality of service coming from the people representing exede is atrocious.  Ask three different people the same exact question, get three wildly different answers.

As for faxing, from what I understand (which, granted is not much), your ability to fax will depend upon the settings of the fax machine RECEIVING the fax as much as your fax.  If the machine set to receive the fax does not account for the high latency of satellite internet, you're sunk.  If it's to one person or one company you will be mostly faxing to, perhaps you can get them to adjust the receive settings on their side (if at all possible) and that would address your issue.

Good luck.
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well that certainly sounds like it makes sense. hadn't even thought of that. will try asking if they can adjust the speed -- I am faxing to one particular person at one particular machine so perhaps that would work.
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With Exede voice, it's better to use a scanner and scan, then email documents so that they can be printed on the other end instead of faxing. The latency makes most fax machines rebel and refuse to work.
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unfortunately, in the one case where I need to fax some documents regularly I am not premitted to send these via the scan/email method...they say I can only fax these.
but I have another fax question maybe you can answer?....when I fax something over the internet, does it wind up going to a fax machine at the other end?  I would think so but am not thinking maybe this would be a way I can still fax to this particular place that won't accept documents via email.
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You may want to look into one of the online faxing services. faxZero comes to mind - free with the catch that they put some of their branding on the cover page they generate. Others charge, most have a free trial period. Good place to start:

and naturally if confidential information, caveat faxor and do read the terms of service.

P.S. If sending to a fax number no guarantee it's an actual fax machine on the other end - it could be a PC in fax machine's clothing.
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I've  had NetTalk since before I had Exede and it mostly works fine (sometimes if Exede is real slow it still sounds fine on my end but the person I talking to seems to have a little trouble hearing me). It's $40 a YEAR after fees added. It uses so little data I have never noticed it's usage. It won't fax either, though. We don't have a choice of a regular phone line as Verizon can't fix and won't replace the phone line out here.
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Thank you for making us aware of your current situation Lorrie. I'm sorry you've had to go through this unneeded hassle. I would like to look further into this and see how I can help. Please send me another email to and we can chat. Thanks.

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