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I did this can I am sure others are tired of that thread, I know I am..  

I will be contacting support, cause Viasat Listens can not pass a ticket on, about the fact that I am only at 1.1 to 1.2 on and all other speedtest I am between 8 and 20 mbps based on time of day.. 

Just to try it again so I am 100% sure, I got another trial to a VPN and my speed jumped up on, not to the same speeds but I was at 6mbps on  

So 100% this is Viasat...  and listens cannot help.. and I do not want to pay for something else, aka vpn, to get what I should be getting..  at least 3 mbps worth..
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have received an update..  

First, I would like to give a shout out to David, the person that is working with others to assist me.. 

Second, it seems that the team is able to replicate the issue and are looking into ways to resolve the issue.  

This make me feel better, this lets me know that someone has proven the issue and now even if it takes a little time, the Viasat team is helping me and working in the right direction.
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@VeteranSatUser - You have hit on a core issue that we are seeking to address more systemically.  There is a team that is working on envisioning a better way.
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That's good. I don't expect an engineer to look at every issue reported, but if they can be sorted and prioritized somehow (sort of like medical triage) that would be a good start.
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No service means a call obviously but, perhaps a diagnostic check off that we as customers can tick problems in would help screen our issues.

The basic reporting now simply tests for a connection, weather and network outages, if that's all good, it reports good when in fact there may still be a problem.

For example, I had corrosion in a connection, a pin hole sized tear in the cable and my speed had degraded. An on sight technician found it all and, corrected it for me but, had I been able to check off that speed was uncharacteristically slow and, I was seeing more rain fade than in the past, that could have pointed even an automated system to prompt me to go see if there was corrosion and, to examine the visible part of the cable carefully for small tears and abrasions. I could have done that and reported back to the automated that I had found both thus allowing the automated app or online system to kick me into scheduling a service call.

In that case, I would have done it all myself, saving Viasat man hours and money and, avoiding the need for you to hire more people or even train reps on more technical matters. The service technician would have known before leaving his shop what was wrong and what he needed to bring to fix the problems. Would have saved him a good hour of troubleshooting and, trial and error on site. That's a plus on Easy Care calls especially.

On a related note, maybe Easy Care could be offered on a lifetime deal like the lease can be. Say 400.00 one time for Lifetime Easy Care. Some people love those lifetime deals, that's actually just a bit more than the cost of Easy Care for five years.
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Well, I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting this, both as myself and with all three tiers of Viasat support..

The Engineers even confessed that there is an issue with the Traffic system for the Resolution limiting plan.. It was supposed to be fixed in a few weeks,  

Well it has been Months...   and I am in a Contract until Nov 2019..  I really just want my internet and if I am paying for a certain level, I really would like to have it.. Frankly, I think the issue is that the coding to limit the resolution was not finished and was rushed and it does not work completely correct.. and instead of focusing on it, they have what they feel is larger issues or just do not know how to fix it..
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ManySome of us would agree with your assessment Ricky - it's a server related issue and a fragile video detection algorithm IMHO further exacerbated by congestion issues on Viasat-1 - as I recall that's what bird you're on. As also recall your issue was/is an inability to ever (or rarely) achieve the "typically 720P" claim made on the Silver plan - except by evading the video detection with VPN at an even greater data cost.