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Fast internet? NO! My son has Asperger's and plays on Xbox live as the only way he socializes. He plays for long periods of time and it burns up our alloted amount of GB. I think it's ludicris that they put limits on the internet period, espcially in this day in age. Looks like I will end up paying the damn fee to get rid of excede!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Sorry you're having data cap issues.  The reason for the data caps has been explained by us Champions and the Mods in several different posts.  Satellite technology is great it allows people to have access to fast internet service over dial-up.  Sadly it comes at a cost, EX: High latency/ ping times, limited capacity of the satellite, data plans/ caps. The high latency is do to the fact that the signal has to leave your computer hit your dish and go up to the satellite which is hovering at 22k miles about the equator and then back down to the base station then repeat that to get back to you.  For the limited capacity and data plans/ caps portion the satellite has a total capacity of ~140Gbps now that is divided up over 72 spot beams/ coverage areas.  With 61 to cover the continental  US, one for Alaska and one for Hawaii.  The remaining nine are to cover rural areas in Canada.  So the point being with that much coverage area and around some 150k customers you have to have the data caps in order to keep the speeds up and keep the network balanced to allow fair access to all customers. Satellite is a great technology but it's not for uses that have high data usage.  If you have a different option available to you that will give you more data for the same or better price by all means look in to it.  Most everyone here has no other option other then like HughesNet satellite internet.  Also you are more then welcome to send an email to and see if there is anything they can do or maybe a different bigger plan they can set you up on.  Sadly being a gamer my self I have to watch my usage as well to make sure that I do not go over my data allowance.


Beam 335 
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If Exede had a 30 day trial period which they could easily do by using a temporary base which could easily be designed for that purpose  it would solve a lot of complaints but by requiring a permanent base to start .............  they gotcha.   
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Hughesnet has a 60 day trial. I tried it and quit. Exede has none I tried it and am stuck with it.
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Is this a complaint about a complaint ? Get real
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Jeanine - 

I understand the dilemma.  Satellite data is simply infuriating due to the fact that it is limited, finite, and absolute in those limitations.  If you do not have access to another service, then this is the best you will get until something else comes along.  Internet and Exede is becoming much like water and California.   If they didn't limit it now, it would run out for everyone.  I dream of the day I can take long showers while watching netflix, however for now I must suffice with a 5 minute wash and rinse and the occasional online show here and there at the lowest possible resolution.

Gaming will absolutely eat up the data.   I hope that your area will soon have access to higher capacity internet soon so your son can go on enjoying his gaming and online interactions.  You may be able to look into a Windows phone (can play some games) or other cellular device that allows some gaming and also interaction online.  These may be options to accomplish the same goals without having to rely on Xbox / Satellite.

I wish your son the best in sorting this out.
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It really depends on the game and the data plan. Yes I game via Exeded on the 25 GB plan and, In play one MMO for 5-6 hrs per day. I have to do updates and such during the LNFZ and, I don't dare use Facebook or browser based games, those are horrible. Rift does fine, about 0.25 GB per 4 hrs of game play.
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Jeanine, as a couple of people have mentioned, the data limits on satellite service are not arbitrary. We do have a limited amount of bandwidth available to us and have to make sure everyone has decent speeds, and do this by setting limits on bandwidth. We're always working to optimize our network and balance the needs of the customer with the strength of the network, and your concerns are being heard. I understand how it benefits your son and am glad he has that outlet. If there's anything specific we can do for you, please reach out to us at
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My son has the same condition. He complaine about the data cap to. When we lived up north we had cable internet we didn't have this problem. He could talk to his friends on Xbox live and play his games. I agree with your post
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actually gaming dont kill the data, it uses very little the patches and downloads is what kills it, i have a 4G verizon modem to game and the whole month i used less than 4 GB playing Battlefield 4 and COD on PS4. you dont want to play on SATELITE  anyways ping is too high.

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