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Out of necessity I had no choice but to get Excede Internet for the family and I supposedly got the best plan available but with 30g a month, it was gone in 4 days. Liberty 30 is more expensive than my previous high speed DSL unlimited data plan that I had with another company and I am getting less value for the money that it's costing me. I am shocked that they are still in business for the prices that are being charged. My family life is seriously being impacted by the quality and quantity in which these plans are being implemented. My kids can't do the things they love, my wife can't connect to her online school because the connection is so poor and now all of that has impacted me on a personal level. At some point Excede ought to realize that with today's technology, 30G per month is an absolute joke and with the money being charged, the plans should be ramped up to unlimited data. I for one can't wait for ATT to complete their upgrade services to my area cause I will get out of this asinine contract. will gladly pay to never to do business with excede again.
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Living in a rural area has its disadvantages. Move to the highly congested area and you can get unlimited internet, although many of those ground based providers are starting to instill caps on their data also. There are two satellite internet providers, both has similar data plans, and costs. The satellites have a limit to just how much data they can handle,and until new satellites are placed in orbit and commissioned, there just isn;t any way they can offer higher data plans. Once launched, the satellites can not increase data throughput, unlike the ground based systems that can just send a truck out and add more devices to increase their throughput. 

Good luck on getting AT&T service in the future. Until then, you will just have to learn to ration out the family's data consumption so you don't go over your limit, which slows down your speeds to a crawl.
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Actually, Exede with its liberty pass plans beats the pants off of Hughesnet, which still has its original 5 GB data plans, at least for the area I'm in.  I just started with the Exede liberty pass 12 plan in place of the dial up internet connection I was using, but for which the dial up provider wasn't even responding to trouble calls anymore, and with which too many websites were working very badly.

At least with liberty pass 12, there is a good chance my data will last the billing period and then the liberty pass is there if I go over, provided I use the connection as if it were a "fast" (3X) "dial up" connection, which I can do since I run windows under vmware and I can tell vmware to limit the speed of my virtual network adapter.  Further, all of the websites that were giving me problems with my dial up connection now work properly with this new "fast" (3X) "dial up" connection.   So far, my data is showing about 40% used and I'm about 67% of the way through the billing period, and that's including a 1.8 GB video file that I downloaded at full speed in about 36 minutes, so my normal day to day usage is much lower.

However, none of this would have been possible with Hughesnet and its 5 GB data allotment: 5 GB is simply too little for one month, no matter how frugal you are.