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I was given false information regarding the contract, which I had to sign for before I was emailed a copy . I was told this service is a 6 month contract with a free move, 2 year lock in price, and early cancellation fee of $15/month. However, upon reading the contract that was sent to me after the installation was complete and I signed off on it and the contract, it states that I am committed to a 2 year contract. Please help me to resolve this. I am honest and true to what I agree to, but I will not pay for something that I was deceived into signing up for.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I would send an e-mail describing your experience to exedelistens@viasat.com.  You will dealing with Corporate employees and I know that Exede is  very active in trying to prevent this type of customer misinformation.  They will be very interested in your experience and hopefully they can help you out.

How is the internet service working  and what plan did you select?
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@Markgc >> Thank you so much for your respect and help in this matter. I took your suggestion, and will hope for good results. Most of the time, the internet is reliable and sufficient. There have been moments of outages and slow service, but I do not know that an internet service without that exists at all. Usually, I am happy and appreciate of the good internet service. I have the highest package, being that I rely on the internet for my online college classes, the only television service that we have, and all of our other web needs. Thank you so much for your time and care in this matter.
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You were given the opportunity to read the full contract at installation time.  You should have.  Now you have a hard copy of what you signed and finally read it and don't like what you see.

Reminder: It was the installer that lied to you, not Exede.  The Exede contract was available but not wanting to cause even a few minutes of delay,  you didn't read it first.  The installer is NOT an Exede employee, they are independent contractors.  That installer can be, and should be, reported to Exede.

As for the contract, you signed it, it's yours for 2 years.  Live and learn.
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Some of us actually went to Exede's web site and read up on what we were thinking about buying before we bought it. If a salesman told my it was daylight outside I'd go to the door and look out instead of taking his word for it.
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@david. i already knew i was going to be into a 2 year contract cause they said it over the phone when i signed up for it. so therefore i already knew. this is the one year (well actually last month was one year) and so far imma LOVING my services :D
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@Craig >>>
Wrong. I was not given a copy of the contract until I signed that the installation had taken place. Then I was emailed a copy, which included my signature. It said different information than I was told it would.
Don't assume. You should know what that makes you.

Some of us have to pay for internet before we have it available to use. Some of us also have a life which does not allow for excess time to research that which should be easily explained. Some of us are actually honest and expect honesty in business transactions.
@Deku >>>>
I was told it would be a 12 month contract over the phone, then told to sign, then emailed a contract that stated it was a 24 month contract. How lucky that you did not have a dishonest business transaction.
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For claiming to be such detailed readers, you all missed important details in the account I posted. Good grief
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Melissa, the others here are correct in that it is your responsibility to read contracts before you sign them however, you should still report the company and, representative(s) and, installer who work for that company by emailing your account and contact information as well as a link to this thread and, as much information about the installer and his/her company as you have to exedelistens@viasat.com

I know from personal experience that Viasat does not want installers or dealers that are even remotely shady and, they certainly don't want customers being duped into subscribing. They do want to know who misled you and, though you are now under that contract, they will work with you and, do all they can to make having Exede service a good experience for you.

Also, don't hesitate to ask for data management tips, recommendations from those of here on the forum for ad and media blockers, update management tips and so forth. Anything we don't know, just ask Exede/Viasat personnel around here - they know or, will find the person that knows. :)
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@ Bev >>> Thank you for your response. I understand that, however, I was emailed a copy AFTER I signed and the installer left. At any rate, my time and money are valuable, and I do not appreciate anyone that wastes either, be it an individual or a company. I do not ask for much, but I do expect that I be treated with respect and honesty. I actually did not have much success in looking for contact information once this had happened and I wanted to notify the company. I appreciate your helpful suggestions and information, and also the respect with which you communicate. Thank you & have  a wonderful day.
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Just thought I'd toss this in. When I read "6 months" I instantly wondered if you perhaps misread what the 6 months was in relation to......a customer must maintain FULL service for at least 6 months per year, placing their system on PAUSE for the other 6 months. They can also get one free move per calendar year. That is, IF they have the Easy Care on their account. The contract period however is the standard 2 yrs that just about every company has these days.