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For a month now my service has been inconsistent and goes down regularly despite the weather. I have contacted service reps and am given the same "unplug, plug back in routine" which DOES NOT work for this issue. Today, I contacted online chat and was connected to a woman who was quite frankly rude. She told me there was "no history of outages" as if i made the whole thing up. I rely on my internet for schooling and when it doesnt work properly, it totally screws me. The lady told me to just try calling again when it goes out. I told her I have emailed before about this issue, and she replied that ive only contacted them once. I am at my wits end and im stuck in a contract that will cost me an arma nd a leg to get out of. I am willing to do that. To which the customer rep replied "it will cost you $15 a month for every month you have left". Seriously??? No solution, no willingness to help, only a "cancel your service then" type of attitude. This is absolutely ridiculous. I wanted HELP not to be belittled and ushered out the door.
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Hi Dara, 

I am sorry you have experienced connection issues; we don't want you to feel that way, Exede is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and would hate to see you go because of this. If you can send me an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact info, I would gladly review your account and see how we can help get this issue resolved. Thank you 
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I have also had this same thing with being called a lair numerous times as if I made up the problems as well,but I was smart enough and got the whole thing recorded each time.
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Hi James, 

We don't want our agents to exhibit this sort of behavior. If this is a issue you're still having you can bypass talking to the folks on the phone and email us at exedelistens@viasat.com and we can look into what's going on
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James and Dara, I wonder if with all the people that have complaints if they shouldn't be sent to the Better Business Bureau or something like that to have an investigation because of ALL THE COMPLAINTS and that they are pretty much the same complaints. Just a thought.
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Lynn Hoffman writes:
but I am still dropping calls because of the Internet going on and off.
  • What router (brand and model)?
  • Have you determined whether it is the modem dropping connection vs the router dropping connection vs the WIFI connection being dropped?
Other than that you may want to see if your router has any quality of service (QoS) features - with a device priority QoS feature, it would be best to give your phone highest priority (usually based on MAC address) for VOIP.
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I'm thinking that figuring out QoS tagging is a bit beyond most consumers (and in Exede's case a lot of your consumers are rural folks). I remember when ISPs used to help you with all of this stuff, but now they're like the water or electric company. "Here's the utility, it's on you to figure out how to utilize it." VoIP and satellite seems like a shaky combo at any rate.
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I think the biggest issue I was getting at here is the cattiness I get from customer service. I am not stupid, I don't need to be talked down to Everytime I reach out. Dont forget that your customers pay your salary, and the way we've all been treated is unacceptable. You can get your point across and tell us what the problem is without being snide. "Sorry for being blunt but..."!?? But nothing! This is customer service, not a phone call between friends. I thought Time Warner had bad customer service until I experienced Exede. Definitely will spread the word to my friends and family on Facebook and elsewhere NOT to waste their money, but rather to choose a company that actually cares bout their customers.
Of this experience has taught me anything, it's that your customers are nothing but dollar signs to you.
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I also can't help but notice that my post was originally titled "extremely unhappy with customer service" and it has been edited by your moderators to say only "unhappy with customer service" what's that all about?
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Hi Dara,

Our intention with this forum is to serve as a self-help community. Sometimes we do change titles in order to make search results pull up better matches. Our guidelines are here https://community.exede.com/exede/topics/exede-and-wildblue-forum-policies-update

As for my comments above that was more of a reply to another issue that was turning into a new topic and wasn't directed at you. With that said I do see you are working with Lindsey. I think that's a fantastic avenue for getting the assistance you need. We constantly encourage people to try emailing us because we're in the corporate office, you get to bypass the frontline agents on the phone and for a lot of customers that's a lot more positive of an experience. 

Hopefully that clears the air a bit. 

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