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I am plagued by exceptional data usage and a lack of anyunderstanding (or willingness to help) by Exede Representatives as to how thisis happening.  I have had Exede service since4/16/2012, having switched from HughesNet (with them for 6 years) because Exedecame out with a faster service first.

I work from home, so, internet service is essential on a dailybasis. In the last few months, I have been using a VPN connection to connect towork.  Within this connection I run anAvaya Softphone.  I run outlook.  I also login to the Salesforce.comwebsite.  That is it.  Prior to a VPN, I was utilizing Citrix. Ihave maintained a spreadsheet showing my usage for many years.  There are more times for which there isunexplained usage than which there are not.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with Exederepresentatives and also with my own I.T. department trying to track down usageover the years.  I am finally fedup.  I pay $140 a month for 25GB thatoften is gone before my 30 day billing cycle has completed.  The type of data that Exede claims I am usingdoes not match the reality in my house.    

This billing cycle (resets at 12AM on the 20th eachmonth) in particular, I have used 30.8GB of data in 24 days.  I am NOT (I repeat NOT) streaming anything(not movies, not music, not video).  Icannot emphasize that enough.  Ourfriends make fun of us because we are the last people on earth to still watchNetflix on disc. 

Just recently:

11/20/16 – massive amounts of unexplained downloads.  I asked to be upgraded to Tier2 service.  I was told my dish was misaligned.  Representative entered a service call#31028523.

We only have a few devices hooked up to the system:  One laptop (windows based), one iPhone, twoiPads and one Samsung phone (Android device).

11/21/16- I have still not be contacted about the pending servicecall.  Another service call was created#21453696.

11/30/16 – Technician finally arrives.  Great technician by the way – he wasexcellent.  Realigned dish.  Speeds increased.  Data usage still off.

12/2/16 – received the email that we were at 70% usage.  When looking at my dashboard, I was only at58% usage.  Called Tech Support.  The representative admitted he had some concernthat my dashboard meter is not matching the actual usage.  They escalated the call, new call #24889900.

12/5/16 – Dashboard meter now shows 3.2GB data usage in 24hours.  Spoke to Mike.  While my dashboard meter shows the usage,Mike says that his systems show a flat line. Told me to wait 72 hours for someone from Tier2 to call me back. 

We removed all devices from the system except my work laptop(windows device), one iPhone and one iPad. All we do on the apple devices is check Facebook.  Facebook video is turned off.

12/7/16 – Called again.  Noresolution yet.  Was told that I shouldn’tworry about usage, that, if there is an active tech support call, exede willnot limit my data usage until resolved.

12/12/16 – I have now used 30GB of data in 24 days.  Called again. Tier 1 representative cannot find that any previous cases were everentered to actually be worked on.  Shecould not see the issues notes from any of the previous dates that Icalled.  New ticket # 20888002.  She tried to look back at the history of mydevices.  Claims that a “Windows Device”(my work laptop) was not logged onto the system since 12/6.  This is false, as I used this device for workon the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and the12th.

I have been through it all, multiple times with eachrepresentative I have spoken to.  It isas if no one takes historical notes, or, no one reads the history on the account.

-we have a password on our WiFi. No one has access but us.  Even insome rooms of the house, we cannot access the WiFi as the signal is poor.  NOBODY IS STEALING FROM OUR WiFi. 

-we are not streaming. ANYTHING.  No video, noaudio.  Nothing.  I have never streamed a movie in mylife. 

-All devices are set to ‘pull’ any and all updates with theexception of my work laptop (windows 7). Those updates are pushed out to me. I have checked with my I.T. department and they said that they have notsent any updates that would make a significant difference in usage.  Clearly they consume some GB.. but, not30GB.  Any other updates to other devicesare done off our network.  In fact, toupdate our PS3, we have to unplug it, and drive it to my parents home toperform updates.

I keep calling and tech support keeps telling me I have streamedvideo.  It is just not possible.  I want to fix this more than anybody.  I don’t like calling Exede every other dayand wasting 30 minutes of my time.  Iproposed yesterday that the technician give me the data needed so that we canproperly troubleshoot this. She gave me 1GB. I am willing to call in everydayto review data usage.  However, there hasto be some kind of understanding from Exede that if I tell you I am notstreaming, than I am NOT streaming.  Itis ridiculous to think that for $140 a month, I have to limit internet usage, Ihave to maintain a spreadsheet and that I have to call every other day to findout where this data is going.

Before these massive data consumption issues started, I wastracking consistently at less than 1GB per workday.  HELP!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I have also sent this to:  exedelistens@viasat.com
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12/13/16:  Home 6:30pm (all devices had been removed from the house).  Had consumed 0.8 GB of data with no one home.  Called tech support.  Spoke to Tia (ID#10112374) for 1 hour and 4 minutes.  Was on hold for 40 of those minutes.  I asked multiple times for Tier2 support or her supervisor and she refused to transfer me despite asking multiple times.  She told me that she could see that we had used data from 4:30PM on 12/12 to 6:30pm on 12/13.  Let me remind you ALL DEVICES had been taken out of the house and off the network.  Per the advice of Nicky on 12/12, we were told to stop disconnecting our modem/wireless as this could cause the data spikes.  That doesnt make sense to me, but, whatever.  Tia said she would escalate the case.  Tia added 2GB of data to our account.  

12/13/16 from 6:30pm-8:30pm I had my iPhone online.  I checked Facebook for 2 minutes.  I have auto video streaming turned off.  I did not post anything, just checked my feed.  Removed all devices at 8:30pm.

12/14/16:  added iPhone back to the network to check the Exede dashboard.  We had used 1.2GB overnight when no devices were online.  Called Tech Support.  First woman I talked to told me that their meters ARE NEVER WRONG.  That, she "wasn't doubting me", but, there was no way I did not use the 1.2GB.  Sounds like she was doubting me.  She told me that it was entirely possible that I had consumed 1.2GB by looking at my Facebook feed for 2 minutes.  Even better is that she kept calling me Rachel.. my name is Jennifer.  I hung up and called back.

I next spoke to Terrance.  He listened to me and assured me that my case from 12/13 (Tia) had been entered and escalated.  He told me there was nothing more we could do but wait for a resolution.  He claimed there would be a resolution by Friday.  If I did not hear from Exede, I should call back.  I may also see that my meter had been reset by Friday.  Terrance told me to call in when my data runs out and they will add more during this pending case.  call ref #25159958
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Hi Jennifer, I'd like to assist you with this issue.  I've received your account number and contact information from exedelistens@viasat.com. After I review your account, I'll contact you.
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Thank you for your assistance.  I wrote up an entire history of my account.  As you can see, I have been using all the same devices and programs for years without much incident.  
~April 2012:  Service installed~

4/18/12:  service outage

6/5/12:  Service outage.  Was told to start performing data flush by going to start menu, CMD, ipconfig/flushdns

7/5/12:  Service outage

7/13/12:  service outage

7/16/12:  service outage

May 2014:  Began experiencing some data usage issues.  Claims to be seeing high video and audio usage.  Began tracking daily.

July - Aug 2014:  Used 65% of data.  Most workdays used 0.4-0.5 GB of data.  Would turn off completely many weekends.

July 2014:  start seeing proxy server security certificate (error code 10) messages for Microsoft Outlook

Aug - Sept 2014:  Used 75% of data.  One large spike of media usage (Brennan used).  Most workdays averaged 0.5-0.8 GB per day.

Sept-Oct 2014:  Used 72% of data. 

Oct - Nov 2014:  Used 76% of data. 

Nov - Dec 2014:  Used 70% of data.

Dec 2014 – Jan 2015:  Used 80% of data.

Jan – Feb 2015:  Used 91% of data

Feb – March 2015:  On the 13th of the month, had used 56% of data.

March – April 2015:  On the 17th of the month, had used 90% of data.  Brennan had downloaded games on April 1st (accounts for chunk of data usage)

April – May 2015:  Used 84% of data

May - June 2015:  Used 95% of data

June - July 2015:  On the 16th of the month had used 95% of data

July – Aug 2015:  Used 99% of data

Aug – Sept 2015:  Used 52% of data

Sept – Oct 2015:  Used 83% of data

Oct - Nov 2015:  Used 81% of data

Nov – Dec 2015:  On the 16th of the month had used 97% of data

Dec 2015 – Jan 2016:  Used 89% of data.  Brennan watched video on the 11th.

Jan – Feb 2016:  Used 60% of data

Feb – March 2016:  on the 16th of the month, used 63% of data

March – April 2016:  on the 16th of the month, used 77% of data

April – May 2016:  on the 18th of the month, used 77% of data

May – June 2016:  on the 17th of the month, used 96% of data

June – July 2016:  Used 81% of the data. 

*added one new device to the network:  Brennan’s Samsung/Android

July – Aug 2016:  Used 62% of the data

Aug – Sept 2016:  Used 94% of the data

Sept – Oct 2016:  On the 17th of the month, used 95% of the data.  This particular month on Sept 21st, we had used 2.3GB  (9%) of data by 5pm.  Logged in the next morning of Sept 22nd and the meter was back down to 0.7GB of data (2%).  On Sept 28th at 5pm, we had used a total of 5.7GB (22%) of our data.  Logged in the morning of the 29th and the meter read 4.9GB (19%).

*removed Brennan’s Samsung/Android from the network

Oct – Nov 2016:  Used 99% of the data

Nov – Dec 2016:  Data usage all over the place, as described in the first post.

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I think a class action needs to be filed against Exede/Wildblue. I have a remote lodge and my modem has not even had power to it for 2 months. I just checked online randomly and it says with 5 days left in my month I used 8.7 of 10 Gigs Data...... That's quite amazing considering the Dish, and the Modem have not seen power in 60 days.
The customer support guy who could barely speak English admitted he could see the Modem had not been online for two months and said he would send an inquiry to Tech Support.
I ain't holding my breath, I suspect they are scamming the data use to try to upsell people to higher plans.
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Hi Laura – The “offical” resolution from Exede was that this was all being caused by the VPN connection that I use for work.  However, Exede was either unwilling or unable to provide me with the data required to prove this.  I was referred in an email to their legal department if I wanted to continue to pursue this.


However, none of the data I collected over the billing cycle seemed to point to the VPN connection.  I switched back and forth between a VPN and a Citrix connection to access my Avaya Softphone.  It didn’t matter.


Starting on the new billing cycle, we removed every device from the wireless network and I only ran my work laptop (and VPN).  I have had less than 1GB of usage a day for the last several weeks.  We also changed the password on the wireless (just in case), although this hasn’t seemed to effect anything, so, despite Exede’s efforts to continuously attmpt to convince me that someone else may be stealing my internet, this does not seem to be the case.  We did login to Facebook using a Samsung device for two separate (10 minute?) stretches over one weekend and managed to consume 1.6GB of data.  I can tell you with certainty that we did not stream anything (all videos are turned off) on Facebook.  It seems illogical that if someone wants to access their social media on the 25GB plan, they can do so 15 times a month for 10 minutes each time and then their data is gone.  Then, this past weekend, we logged into Facebook multiple times (same account, same media turned off) and only consumed 0.1GB of data.  None of it makes sense to me, and, no one at Exede seems able to give me a logical and sensible answer.


There were a few instances over the billing cycle that I could aboslutly admit to having consumed the GB myself.  My teenage son had access and he was streaming some audio.  Happy to admit it and pay for the data.  No problem, I used it.  This was not the case the enite month.  As you saw, there were some instances of data being used when we didn’t even have the modem plugged in.


My personal opinion is that Exede measures data differently than anyone else.  For example, if you were to stream media using another provider, it may use 1GB.  If you steamed the same media on Exede, you may consume 5GB.  I think they have an algorithm for data consumption that does not favor the end-user when consuming social media, streaming (audio/video), etc as this is what most consumers would use their service for.  Of couse Exede wants us to HAVE to buy extra GB at the end of the month..  of course Exede wants us to have to upgrade out plans to a more expensive (more GB) plan.  They are running a business.  Honestly, I can’t believe I pay $140 a month for this type of service. 


What did I learn?


-Starting in a new billing cycle, remove all devices (all smartphones, iPads, etc.) from the service.  Introduce a device every few days and see if you get any data usage spikes.


-Do not unplug your modem..  only the wireless..  Exede claims that unplugging the modem causes spikes..  I’m not convinced, but, why give Exede any more reasons to claim it was my fault.


-Monitor everything for at least several billing cycles. Take detailed notes of what is happening.  I have kept a spreadsheet for years and I check my usage daily.  If there was an unusual spike, I call tech support the next day and they would tell me what devices were attached.  At least you have something in hand to back up your claims. 


-Download Glasswire to monitor your usage independently from the Exede dashboard.


-If you want good tech support over the phone, call as early as possible..  7AM EST is when the best technicians are available.  The worse tech support is in the evenings.  The technicians have varying levels of knowledge, you’ll know when you get a good one....  they actually listen.  I suspect that each Tech support rep has a “wheel of panic” in their cubicle.  When they don’t have a good answer, they spin the wheel..  “Oh, high data usage?  Must be the Salt Water Ionization Effect”.. or some such garbage.


-Pray to the Internet Gods that someone runs high speed internet past your house so that you don’t have to use Satellite Internet.

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Hi Jennifer,

I am having the same problem.  It was never an issue until a few months ago so something at Exede must have changed.  They do charge for upload and download.
Beware that if your devices are backing up to the Cloud that your data allowance will be charged.  I recently looked at my iphone and a recent backup was over a GB.  When a backup is done for an Apple device to the Cloud it is a complete backup everytime.  They do not just backup "new data". I have turned icloud backup off on all my devices.  Now I will see if that brings the data allowance problem in check. There is also a free app in the App Store called "Net Monitor" which logs all MB for upload and download.  It keys into the router so it monitors data usage for all of your devices.

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Hi Ron,

Please allow us to review your account and verify your data consumption based on your daily traffic. A few data consumption's that people are typically unaware of are: Storage, Media, Updates, Apps, or Communications.

The number of wireless devices on your home network can also play a big role in data usage. We can find out which category is consuming the majority of your usage. Please send us your account and contact info to exedelistens@viasat.com.     
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John James I would be interested in hearing how your issue resolved..
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I have the same problem up here in Canada with xplornet .... I have no resolution after almost 5 years dealing with them! I have no other choice than to take it up the ( insert slang for anus here)!

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