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I have Freedom 25Gbps Boost with 150GB of Data. Speeds are 1Mbps, sometimes spiking to 1.72Mbps. Sometimes they fall below 1Mbps. This is probably the 5th night in a row. Before that it was intermittent, but at least 3-4 times a week for several hours a night.

So I just had a chat with customer support (again). After seeing I was asking about slow speeds, I got a quick copy and paste from the rep: "Upon reviewing the modem information, it shows there is congestion at this time. Heavy traffic on the network will cause you to experience slower speed than usual. However, the condition should clear and you should see relief soon. If you continue to experience so slow speed, please contact Technical Support at 855-463-9333 to properly troubleshoot. They are available 24/7 for your convenience.

They tell me this all of the time. Usually they make me turn my modem off and on a bunch of times which can't be good for it.

I asked about cancelling my contract via chat, and the rep pasted this instantly:
Important disclosures about your service need to be provided before the account can be disconnected, and this can only be done over phone support. I can offer you a call if you are ready to disconnect the service now, or you can call our Customer Care team at 1-855-463-9333 at your convenience. Agents are available 24/7 to assist you over the phone. I do apologize but we are not able to disconnect your account through chat.

They told me it's under $300 to cancel. To be honest, I might sell something lying around my house on eBay to pay to cancel. Then I'll spend $30 on a small claims case to get my $300 back. I'll use all of the chat transcripts I have with the same old excuse copy and pasted a dozen times to plead my case.
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Wow! At least you received a honest answer which took me forever to get after many attempts. You get what they can give you when the system is overloaded. .. regardless please don't take this wrong but you do know that you signed a contract that clearly states that you may only get what they can or cannot give you at any certain time? For me I did not read the contract and relied on signing the dotted line based on what the salesman told me. 3 times over a two week period which was obviously a FIB to be polite.
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The problem is that they advertise UP TO X speeds so giving you as little as .1Mbps is not breaking their deal. Sadly this is the standard for internet providers these days.