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What does exede  plan on keeping up with Wisper/Evdo and this new Airborne internet services. My local Wisper dealer is going to be putting up a new tower near us very soon. Which will offer true unlimited at 15megs at 50 amonth which is way better than exede's.  I see exede either getting better or going under if all the wisper dealers are like the one in my area who's stated goal is to put satnet (exede) out of business. I did not know about wisper in my area until the dealer showed up at my door says they will be a new service in my area. I only see pluses for wisper faster cheaper and you own the equipment after 12 months.
   So exede how do you plan on staying in the game with such bad service? You are not very competitive. After almost four years I can truely say exede is the worst ISP I have ever used. I did not expect time warner's 80 meg and unlimited data when  we got exede but did expect a honest ISP. Customer service is lacking to say the least always problems with data usaged. And yes we are p/w protected by 24 character p/w good luck on cracking it.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Johnny

Keep in mind we're talking 2 different means of providing internet. WISP connections like what you are describing and our satellite connection is going to be comparing apples to oranges. They both offer internet/plans but the technologies to do so are different. Much like DSL if you can get unlimited internet where you live that's going to be a perk that you'll have that a majority of our customers wont' have. 

What we ARE doing is launching a new satellite next week (a week from today actually) which is going to double our ENTIRE bandwidth that we have now. As a result we're going to be able to offer more robust plans that will be more flexible for activities such as streaming and we will also be able to offer faster speeds as well once we're ready to unleash ViaSat 2 on the world. In a few short years after 2019/2020 we'll be already preparing for ViaSat 3 which will extend our reach globally as well as support everyone here in the US. We anticipate to be setting the bar  at a new level with what's capable with satellite internet. 
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WISP and cellular based internet are an option for some, but they are limited to the flatland areas. A good portion of the country has hills and mountains, and these services just won't work because they are line-of-sight. For those areas not able to be covered by WISP and cellular services, satellite is our only option.

If it were not for the two satellite providers, we just would not be able to connect to the internet.

For those able to get WISP service, that is the best option.