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We've had Internet and Voice through Exede since January. We live in a rural area where signal is sketchy and so having a home phone is required. Our home phone worked great! For the first 2 months, maybe...... Then after that, NOT AT ALL. It went from working great to not working at all. I've had troubleshooting phone calls multiple times, they've even sent me a new Voice box. I'll trouble shoot it and the next day, problem back. 

The problem - Like MANY other people have problems with, I can't hear others and others can't hear me. I can't make phone calls, I can receive them but hear NOTHING and neither can they. 

Like I said, they've sent us a new box, I've done the troubleshooting thing, I've even REPLACED the brand new home phones I had. Nothing is working.

Basically I'm paying for ExedeVoice for NO reason at all and I'm stuck not being able to make calls from home due to the lack of cellphone service.

Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. I'm so aggravated that I've unplugged all of the house phones and put them back in their box. 
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We have a completely new number, we had just move to this location so we needed a new home number so no issue there. 
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I commented on your original comment about the issues as to your best steps to take
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this sounds bad and I don't know what else you are supposed to do.. you have gone above and beyond already, buying new phones twice.  getting a new Voice equipment...the only thought I have is to wonder if you could try a very inexpensive VOIP service, like the BASIC plan through walmart, and see if that might happen to work. At around $9.99 for one month, not too much of a dollar outlay, and it might work.  some people have posted here about other VOIP plans they use rather than exede.  (maybe they will post about which companies they use that have worked with EXEDE)A nonexede voip will use some of your data, unlike their VOICE plan, but not all that much, at least that was what I read here a while back.  I have Exede VOICE and am not happy with all the additional federal etc fees being added on every month.  This is something Exede can do but is not REQUIRED to do.  I know BASIC doesn't do this--those fees really make the price go up every month.  that was one of the reasons I got rid of my Verizon landline to begin with...I just HATE those fees and they are always going up, all the time, a little here and a little there.  They were adding over $10 to my monthly verizon landline bill.  and now this kind of fee is adding something like $6 a month to my exede voice bill.  As soon as I realized  this after signing up for VOICE, I decided that as soon as the discounts I am getting by having VOICE are up, in August, I will be trying out other VOIP options to see what may work as well for less money.  I have a LOT of latency on my VOICE service where I live, so am not too happy with that either.  When I had the verizon landline, at least when I lost service for any period of time, I didn't pay for the days I didn't have service.  again, I am not saying Exede is being "unfair" or can do what verizon does--verizon can verify your outage and track exactly why and for how long you don't have service, while exede can't.  difference between technologies, landline vs internet.  Note, however, that I am not even considering getting a landline back.  I even got rid of my verizon cell phone because of those additional fees of $10 or more a month--now I have straighttalk which has NO additional fees and I pay $30.51 exactly every month--hasn't gone up a penny in 3 yrs.  and no contract of course.  (I can't get cell service where I live, so I have my cell for emergencies when away from home).
as always, what I am looking for is good basic service for as little as I can get it for.  I am old enough to remember when none of all those extra federal/state/communications/911 fees existed, so it makes it harder for me to accept them now, esp since it's quite a bit of money and always climbing, little by little.  And at a time when I no longer work and am on a fixed income.
I hope you can find an answer to your problem, and will come back and tell us how it went.
You can of course try emailing the reps at exedelistens@viasat.com who are known for being excellent, but I don't know what they might be able to do after you have had such extensive contacts with Exede techs already.
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Lorriel, the latency will be present with any VOIP service you use on your satellite internet. This is a matter of physics, the signal travels over 88,000 miles, which is around three quarters of a second. They also use some data, which Exede voice does not count, although the amount of data consumed is fairly little, depending on how much you use your phone. And is you ever go into DAP status, the phones will not work at those slow speeds. I have had Exede voice for well over a year and have no complaints at all with it.
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Hi GeoSteph, sorry to hear your experiencing these voip issues. I would be more than happy to review your account to see if we can resolve as soon as possible. Please send your account and contact information to exedelistens@viasat.com. Thank you. 

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