Exede/Viasat: Get Your Data Usage Meters Working Again!

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We are having a very very frustrating problem, with NO HELP FROM THE CALL CENTER!
This is the third month in a row that we have had terrrible data usage problems! We have called multiple times, only to get the same results....NOTHING!
Last month was the second month that we had to pay an additional $40 and when the last cycle ended, we went to bed that night with 2 GB's of data left and when we woke up, the meter was at 3.0 GB's just overnight and no one was even awake! Plus this was the free period as well between 3AM-8AM!!!!
Then when I checked the data the next day, we were at 4.6 GB's at 6:30AM and when we got home from work, it was at 7.8 GB's! We weren't even home for God's Sakes! This is unacceptable!
When I called around 6:30 PM that night after work, of course we got the same "Read" statements and no results!
Yes, they say that they can look at use, but it's of NO USE to us, as it gives us no feedback as to how to control the problem other than go to a different plan! So we used over 3 GB's when we weren't even home yesterday. They said they could not tell what data was used during the day but to call back the next day to see what was used and how, since supposedly it didn't show yet since it was the same day?????
I said by morning, we'll be out of data!
So, I woke up this morning and as I suspected, we were at 9.8 GB's. We had even turned wifi off on our phones at 7:00 PM the night before to see if it was that!
So, we've been in the new cycle now for 8 days now and have used 9.8 GB's???
All this when we have never, maybe once or twice in a year or two gone over!!!! And again, this 2.2 GB's of use overnight also was including the free period!!!!!!!!!!!
When I asked the lady if there was a supervisor, someone in the technical dept who could answer why this is happening all of a sudden, she said NO, the call center is all there is! Believe me, I am less than happy and seriously angry!
What kind of a business doesn't have real people that can come out and trouble shoot what the hell is going on???????
I am in hopes that someone from Viasat, since this all seems to have started during this merge between them and Exede.. hope they will read this and get in touch with me as I am an extremely unhappy customer.
Viastat, if this is how you expect to grow in the global market, you've already lost the game, as you can't even take care of your current customers with any satisfaction!
What are we suppose to do, just keep shelling out money, while getting no answers to our questions!
Mind you... we are an older couple, no kids, no videos, no UTube, nothing, we do our emails, search the net and never play videos, except once in a blue moon!
I have melanoma now and was told to go watch some videos of how to check my lymphnodes monthly. I didn't even do that because it would use data, I did it at work instead. My husband would also love to look at videos, however, he doesn't!
You call this internet service?
My questions is, why for the past 2 years has this been working fine, for the most part, and we've always had enough data to run our lives, but all of a sudden, in the past three months, this data usage has skyrocketed????????????????
We need some answers and satisfaction, this is unacceptable for a company not to have any way to help it's customers!
I believe the data usage meter for our acct. is off and not registering correctly and it would be damn nice if someone would have the common courtesy, much less business professional to come check our satellite dish out or whatever it takes to give us a "real answer" as to what is going on!
Hope to hear back from anyone that can give us some much needed insight!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Well you could do what I do. I NEVER leave my modem on when I am not at home or not using the internet. Works like a charm. Have not had any phantom usage since I started doing this several years ago.
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Cissy Marcionette

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Great idea, at least until these Yahoossss do something to help us!
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Well I got tired of phantom data usage several years ago. After about the third time I had had enough. So I took matters into my own hands. Puts me in control at least.
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Have you recently purchased a new computer or anything else that connects to the internet such as a Amazon or Google Chrome device?
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Cissy Marcionette

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No, I haven't changed a thing, only Exede has!
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These threads pop up often enough that I do wonder about phantom data usage. I know most usage can be traced to cloud backups, ninja updates, malware, etc.

I do fault Exede for not moving more quickly to put a usable system in place to help users identify patterns and vampire devices on our end.

I get there are ways to do this already, but a company that sells data in small increments for a living should have a pretty thorough system in place to monitor usage.

It would help consumers, alleviate a number of complaints, and probably save everyone a little headache.
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I use Networx on my computer to track usage.  It tracks everything by day and hour, so it's helpful to pinpoint programs that are data hogs.  I just installed a cloud backup service and thought I had it set to run during the free zone, but thanks to Networx, I discovered that I hadn't, so was quickly able to change it before it used up my data for the month!
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Good Day Cissy,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your usage! If you would, please send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and include either your phone number associated with your account or your account number so that we can research your issue and get back to you ASAP. 


James C.
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A new Viasat Community "employee"?  Welcome aboard James C.
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Hi James, welcome to the funny farm.. er.. um forums. :)

As for that data usage in the last two months, my first suspect would be Windows 10 between the Creators update and, the two recent updates for Creators, that's about right for that downloading.

Here are some great tips on how to get that beast under control: https://www.howtogeek.com/249254/how-to-stop-windows-10-from-using-so-much-data/