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Exede unlimited plans are no good I had the freedom 150 gigabyte plan after seeing the commercial on TV I switch to the unlimited plan what a big mistake immediately upon switching I got none stop buffering tried to switch my plan back to the 150 GB Freedom plans and it was no longer available so I had to switch to a smaller plan which was the Liberty 50 GB plan which caused my data to be over the amount because I went backwards from 150gb back to 50 gigabytes called in several times no one seemed to care or know how I felt but what's going on is the unlimited plans only allows you to stream in 480p or 720p so if you are trying to watch HD quality 1080P or higher it won't allow you to do so but on the Liberty plans and the freedom plan you had the option to switch video data Extender on and off so when I switched back to the Liberty 50 gigabyte plan I turned video data extender off and buffering immediately stop and everything played as normal so Exede if you're reading this please go back to the 150gigabyte plan with the video data extender toggle option and provide more packages like that because the unlimited plan is not working for everybody unless you give the option to turn video data Extender on and off on with unlimited plans ...
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Always do your research before switching.  Plans were clearly stated to have resolution caps depending upon the plan.  Probably will never see unlimited plans with the ability to toggle off a particular resolution setting (optimization).  
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What's VS2?
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VS2 = Viasat 2, the new satellite that is almost in it's final orbital slot.
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When viasat 2 come up will be selling hd quality not as much as data
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Just happened to me. Viascam sneaky advertising got me after they switched off my optimizer, and I couldn't figure out what had happened, and "upgraded". By the time I remembered the optimizer switch, it was too late. They must be turning those off and hoping we forget it exists. There's a hell for executives who run companies like this. All I can say is petition your city for municipal broadband.
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Hey Anthony,
I use my machine for work. I had the same 150 gig plan with boost 25. They switched me to the silver unlimited because I went over and I could figure out why it was so slow. There are many months where I never used half of the data allowed. Wish they had rollover, remember those days with cell minutes? It's so slow it takes me back to the days when Hughes was the only thing available 13 or so years ago! Yeah you get unlimited alright, but it's so slow you can't do anything with it. Nice way to offer an unlimited plan, just throttle everybody back to snail speed. What a rip off! It says they can prioritize you after 60 gig. The kid who sold me on the plan said absolutely no data cap AND no speed throttling. Total Baloney! Living in the country is nice, but I can't wait for another internet option. They'll never get it right!
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the video data extender is one of the most ridiculous ideas i have ever seen come from a company. what the heck is the point of turning off hd streaming if almost everything this day and age is optimized for 1080p or 4k. i just dont get it. i hate that i have exede, but there is no other alternative in my area at the moment. even the freedom plan pisses me off sometimes, its still not difficult to go over 150gb if you download games or stream video frequently. these people really just dont give a crap at all. they are here for money, plain and simple. and this bullshit about prioritizing you after you go over 150gb on an unlimited plan is absolute garbage! you pay for unlimited! not unlimited til you hit 150!!!!!

-angry customer for the past few years
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Same way I feel!!!
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1080P is a data hog why would you want to go with that oh yea that is right so they can come on here and complain that there data is being eaten up right.
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I watch all my Netflix and Hulu movies and shows in 1080p. It does use data, but with four days to go before my reset, I have only used 40% of my 150 GB on my Freedom plan. While I could turn on the VDE, I can't stand watching in SD on my big screen TV
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hey my data was chewed up and that is with the Ethernet cable unplugged from the back of the modem, it is gonna happen regardless if it is even being used or regardless which plan you are on .i do not even stream anything and obvesly my laptop does not update several times a month every month for the past 3 years.
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i really just dont see how the hell the unlimited plans will only stream up to 720p. i just dont get it. and you pay $150 a month for it! i found out here awhile ago after i swapped to the freedom package that they can terminate your service if you continuously hit the 150gb cap! so now i actually have to watch my data usage and make sure i dont get my hand slapped for going over.
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At end of day, this is just a satellite-based service.  As much as you hate it, there's only so much bandwidth to go around (but most people can't seem to grasp that concept).  Think of it - every time you access the internet, your request goes 22,000 miles up, 22,000 miles down, out to the Internet, then 22,000 miles back up, and 22,000 miles back down to you.  And, there are thousands upon thousands of us using that one little satellite.  I know it sucks compared to fiber - but have a little respect for the technology.  Alternatively, drop this service (more bandwidth for the rest of us) and/or move to an area where you can get gigabit fiber to the home...
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Data caps do absolutely nothing to prevent network congestion. It's entirely a marketing scheme not a network design flaw. The way to protect that everyone has fair access is to not over sell your network, just like making sure that everyone can get on an airplane is to not sell more seats than they have. It's all about money and not about "technical limitations."

Don't get me wrong, there are technical limitations, it's just data caps aren't a solution to that problem. If you lowered everyone's download speeds by a small amount and eliminated the data cap entirely that would be a potential solution. But by the logic that data caps save prevent congestion then the 1st day of every billing cycle the network would grind to a halt as that's when the heaviest users are going to be returning to do the stuff they need to do.

The network is always there regardless of the number of people using it, it has a max amount of data that can flow through it at any given moment, but data caps can't fix people trying to use it all at once, all it does is limit a service that people are paying for so when they run out they are forced to pay for more "data" as if somehow the space in the pipeline is a finite resource. It's not it's a fixed resource it doesn't change. If everyone tried to max it out all at once you could crash the entire system, but you know what can't prevent that? Data caps.... /facepalm. Folks you've been lied to by greedy companies, that's all this is.

I could give you all the hard data, math, specifications to back up my statement. But you probably wouldn't understand, as it's pretty clear you're not a network engineer.

Data caps are all about selling people extra data, nothing more. 

*Edit- On a side note preventing users from being able to stream in 1080p is an actual potential solution to the network congestion issue. I mean, I wouldn't be particularly happy with it either but it's a more reasonable solution than data caps as it would actually lower the amount of traffic on the network. Someone mentioned that HD video is a data hog, the truth is HD video is THE data hog. Nothing else even comes close, download all the video games you want you're still unlikely to use as much data as you do with all your streaming video. The reality is satellite internet just was never designed nor capable of servicing the average users needs (unless you're only counting the over 90 year old user demographic). People who live in remote locations like myself have no choice but to go with satellite internet, but given a choice I would pick cable or fiber any day, far cheaper, far superior and usually without the data caps (though now that net neutrality is dead you can see more abusive practices like this spreading throughout the industry, even the ISP I used to work for has talked about introducing them).
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Prime video games are north of 50GB now. And while HD video does use more data, I watch about 40 hours of HD content a month. With that and my other usage I average around 75GB/month.
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I'm all for overselling flights. It's what keeps prices low.
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At any given time a number of subscribers are over their data caps and are throttled down to allow higher speeds for the customers that are not over their data.  I don't think everyone has the same start date for when they get their priority data back.  Could be that 30% or more customers are throttled at any given time because they are over their priority data, and that would help with congestion.  Data caps are not used to limit data.  They are used to limit speed.
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Please send your account info to ExedeListens@viasat.com.  I'd like to take a look at it.

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