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I've been an Exede customer (nternet and phone) for about 3 months and so far I've been pretty satisfied.  I moved to the country and Exede was the only internet available.  I'm on the Evolution plan (5GB-15GB).  Previously I had AT&T U-verse and so far I can't really tell any difference with my internet, except during severe thunderstorms.  Because I used to have "unlimited" internet, it is a bit of a pain keeping under my data plan and I have to think about what I'm doing before downloading files watching videos etc. (and live cams! Love to watch live cams for Alaska: The Last Frontier), however, I'm just happy to be able to have internet AND live in the country! So far so good!
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Peggy Owens

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  • pretty satisfied with Exede so far.

Posted 5 years ago

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It's good to hear from someone that has has positive things to say about Exede.  ViaSat is a young company that has experienced explosive growth and we are the beneficiaries of technological  advances.  Next year the ViaSat-2 satellite will be launched and we will again enjoy better speeds and data allotments.  The difference will be somewhat like going from WildBlue to Exede, and next year another leap in service awaits us.
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Peggy Owens

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Update.  I've now been an Exede customer for 6 months, passed my 6 month anniversary on Oct. 15, 2015.  About 4 months or so into my membership, my data usage was hitting close to my temporary limit of 15GB per month, and I knew when my 6 months ended, if I couldn't get my data usage under control, I would have to upgrade to the next level at an increase of $30 per month. I really didn't want to have to do that, couldn't really afford it so I began doing a little research.  I read everything that Exede had posted regarding data usage.  I went to my social media accounts and fixed it so that videos would not automatically play, did the same for my regular email account.  I started checking my usage every couple of days and it dropped some, but not enough to be under 5GB for a month.  I called and talked with support......yes, got to talk to a real person.....and I got some great advice from him.  I have Windows 8 and he told me there are all these apps running in the background - at least a dozen or so - and he said they were really eating up my data usage!  I also told him that sometimes I would go to the Discovery web site and watch some of the live cams for my favorite TV shows there and participate in some of the chat about the show (Alaska: The Last Frontier).  He told me watching live feed on these cams really used a lot of data as well.  Well, I stopped doing that as well.  He also told me there was a setting in Windows 8 where I could specify that I have metered internet and when I was going to download something it would pop up to remind me.  

The GREAT NEWS is that since I made those changes, my monthly data usage has not exceded the 5GB allowance on my plan.  The support guy that helped me on this made my day when he told me about these things.  I also got helpful information in the articles that Exede has posted on their web site about reducing your data usage.  I am still satisfied with my Exede account.  My overall interaction with Exede has been positive, and I believe they are interested in helping their customers stay within the data allowance for the plan they have chosen.  At least that is the way they made me feel.

So I am still a satisfied customer!
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That's great to hear, Peggy, and thanks for sharing. We're working all the time to come up with better ways to communicate exactly those kinds of data-management techniques you describe.
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Peggy Owens

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I'll be looking forward to "enjoying better speeds and data allotments".  Especially data allotments!  Have a great day!!
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As are we all, Peggy!

Here's hoping that yesterday's failed SpaceX launch doesn't result in a significant delay in the launch of ViaSat-2. ViaSat-2 is schedule to be launched using the SpaceX Falcon Heavy - an evolution of the Falcon 9 that failed yesterday.

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I know Labs I said the same thing yesterday when I heard that it exploded 2min into flight.  I said that better not happen when ViaSat-2 is on board or I will be one upset customer.
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Hi Peggy, We're so glad to have you as part of our family! Thank you so much for your kind words. If you have any questions in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your business. Have a Fantastic holiday weekend!

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