Exede Liberty speeds once throttled?

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I currently do not own Exede, but have been looking to switch over from my current Hughesnet gen 4 to it for a while now. The only concern I have with exede that has stopped me is the throttled speed and how stable the connection is.

With my Hughesnet plan I am getting 15GB in addition to the 50GB bonus from 2-8, averaging around 30Mbps download, which sounds great, until I run out and am throttled to around 150 kbps. The only reason I've dealt with it this long is its connection is constant, it has never had a dropped connection in over 2 years, and the speed is always consistently around 150kbps, which is why I'm afraid of Liberty as its more dependent on how many people are online.

How does this contrast to the speeds everyone is getting once you are throttled on liberty? I live in East Texas if anyone has real experience with the beam for here.  Thanks
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Posted 3 years ago

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I switched from Hughsnet to Liberty. I've only had liberty a week and I like it better so far. It's cloudy today and I'm getting pretty good speeds. I'm in East Texas as well.
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I get 30kbps .slower than old time dial up.
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This is what I get. Terrible. They did offer the freedom plan in my area, but they don't offer it anymore.
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dont switch till there offereing plans on new satelite when it launches.......you will NOT be happy with speeds even before you hit liberty.......if your getting 30mbps on hughes you cant touch that speed on exede right now anytime
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Those speeds are far better than you'll get on exede. Also I'm not sure if hughesnet does it but exede will block you from going to certain sites once you've reached your data cap. It's very annoying.
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In SE Kansas, I get around 15 mbps on priority data, and I average 3-5 mbps once I hit "Liberty pass". I have an 18 GB plan and hit liberty pass every month. 
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I am in the Southerntier of NY, on Liberty 18 GB plan. My speeds are typically what John Blount stated. I am still at only 65% of my Priority data. Since I was only a few days from my monthly reset, I chose to update my Garmin maps. I did this at 2 p.m. and while downloading the almost 3 GB file, I watched the download traffic monitor on my ASUS router. Download speeds varied from a low of 15 Mbps to highs of 43 Mbps, usually staying in the 21 to 23 Mbps area during this large file download. By the way, my router is the original Surfbeam 2, and I am on the 12 Mbps speed plan.

What speeds you can get as a subscriber depends largely on how populated the beam you are on is, and what the network traffic is at any given time.