Exede is now Viasat!

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Today we're unveiling our new brand logo and look and announcing that Viasat will become the one master brand that all of our products and services will be under. That means we'll sunset the WildBlue and Exede brands and switch to Viasat Internet for everything. You can read more about it on our new corporate blog here.

This won't change anything about your plan, your price or anything else other than some new looks to our websites and other materials. Of course, we have news of greater interest to our customers in the form of a brand-new satellite, which we launched June 1 and will be getting control over right around Christmas (nice present!). We'll have a few months of testing and then start offering new plans in early 2018 -- probably as soon as February.

One other thing to mention is that, with this brand change, we're closing the older WildBlue/Exede forum, making this one the only one. A little later today, the address for this forum will change to community.viasat.com, but the older URL will redirect to there as well. You'll see our new branding and colors on here soon (and we know you've all been on the edge of your seats for that! :))

You'll notice the exede.com website has a new co-branded look. It'll be a little while before we unify our websites into one, but it's definitely on the roadmap. Take a look at viasat.com for a better look of how the brand is going to appear.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? This is the place to let us know what you think! We know a new logo and colors may seem to only be a cosmetic thing, but this change signals the bigger things ahead. Right on the heels of ViaSat-2 is the development of an even more powerful constellation of satellites, ViaSat-3, that will cover the entire globe starting in about three years. The first one will be over the Americas, and the additional capacity is going to really be a game changer for folks who rely on satellite for their internet. Stay tuned!
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Alex, Viasat Corporate Communications

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  • Excited

Posted 1 year ago

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Bev, Champion

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Sick!  On fleek guys. (Translation: I like the new name and the new logo. xD)
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Dan White

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Well that was less then expected.
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I’m stoked (please don’t disappoint with lame 1990 plans and restrictions)!!!!!!!!
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I'm so excited that I need to pee
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VeteranSatUser, Champion

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Sort of liked the old logo and color scheme better. But then, I am not lime green guy.
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Michael McDowell

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To me, looks kinda like a moldy turd emoji laying on it's side!
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Well that will surely shut them people up that come here saying Exede is a bunch of crooks eh?
Exede?  What Exede?  Viasat kicked them out and now they're gone and good riddance.
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No offence... But the logo somewhat reminds me of Windstream... lol
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It does, now that you mention it. CSMs will laugh Xfinity/Exede Viasat/Windstream LOL Hey y'all we did it again. XD
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I agree. It does! Not sure that is a good thing either :).
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Just a heads up that it appears as though the link for the Community on https://www.exede.com/customer-portal/ is broken.
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Matt B, Viasat Employee

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Thanks for the info!  With all the rebranding, I'm not surprised some stuff has fallen through the cracks.  Hopefully we can get that fixed quick!
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Yes i can confirm the old link is not working and the link to the old forum, which was suppose to link here, links to a Get No Satisfaction Page not found.
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Thanks guys, the web guys are working on it!