Freedom Plan no longer available?

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Hi guys, I am looking into getting Exede Internet. I live in a rural area of northern Wisconsin and currently get my internet from Cellcom. I cannot get broadband at my house.

About a week ago I entered my zip code (54442) to see what plans were available in my area. I was thrilled to see that the Freedom (150GB) plan was offered in my area - Freedom would be perfect for me. I am a heavy user of and often go over the 20GB that I currently have on my plan with Cellcom - I know I would use a lot more data with a faster connection and if I didn't have to worry about going over my data allowance. However, I decided to shop around a little bit and see what my other options were before settling on Exede - I spent about a week looking into other internet options. Of course, I decided on Exede and returned to the Exede website yesterday and put in my ZIP code to look at the rest of the details for the Freedom plan - and the Freedom plan didn't come up.

So a week ago, the Freedom plan was offered in my area. Now it isn't. If I would've called a week ago, I could be on the Freedom plan right now. Now it seems like I won't be able to get it? I'm frustrated because the Freedom plan was the only real option for me - no other provider in my area offered anything even close to the amount of data the Freedom plan offered.

So here are my questions: Was the Freedom plan recently discontinued? Did they decide to give up on offering it to a rural area in Northern WI? Will I be able to get the Freedom plan (if it was offered to me a week ago, can't I still get it?)?
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  • confused and frustrated

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Some games will work, but once your priority data is gone and you slip into the Pass mode, it will likely not work very well, if at all.
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You are on beam 347, as the eSVT tool showed you. There is no easy way to know if your beam is heavily loaded except by asking people on the forum if they are having slow speed issues during the evening hours. ViaSat just doesn't release that kind of information.

As for the city living, I choose to live in the country and enjoy the benefits of the low population density, wild animals and beautiful scenery. Thanks to Exede, I finally have a decent internet connection. Started with Wildblue in 2008, and switched to Exede in early 2012.
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347 isn't bad
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Thanks, Steve.
I originally had dialup but my connection was only 9.2kbps because of crappy lines and then it dropped to 2.6kbps and then it couldn't even connect to the ISP's servers at all so I had to get satellite-- got Direcway in 2002 and then a few years later it got bought out by Hughesnet and then the nightmare really began. I had a very long rant about it on dslreports so I'll spare the details. It wasn't until 2012 that I found out about Exede.
I still have some frustration with bandwidth miscalculation, webpage bloat, etc, but it isn't nearly as bad as Hughesnet. My capped speeds are generally faster than Hughesnet's uncapped speeds were.
I do wish Exede would update the modem features the way Hughesnet had done. Not being able to check usage when the internet isn't working is frustrating.
I do like being in a rural area away from other people. Having to drive my trash out to be picked up is a bit of a nuisance and losing water when the power goes out is a pain, but I don't have to worry about being overcharged for city water and sewage. No mail delivery for the most part. Oh, and no Poke-stops or Poke-encounters or whatever they are called so nobody comes out here looking for them. LOL.

On a side note, is there any way I could get notified IF the freedom plan ever became available in my area?

Thanks, Alex. I think a lot of people in my area don't even know about Exede so that is a bonus.
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Well, I am glad to see some happy Exede customers because I have seen numerous unhappy folks. I too, started with Direcway, now and was checking out Exede to see if it might be better than Hughes but the fact is, all satellite sucks with streaming and heavy usage. But, I do not see the need of such horrible customer service and such as Hughes sometimes. Are you much happier now with Exede?
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I know you weren't talking with me but when we moved out here Direcway was  the only real game in the area. And to be honest it was slow and wouldn't run some of the apps I wanted and of course was expensive. Then Alltel (now Verizon) came around with no data cap for $69/mo. It was faster then hughesnet at the time, and ran everything I needed to run. To make a long story short after Verizon quit offering 3G modems and mine died, I could not keep the plan I was on since 2007. So The Biggest data plan they offered was 100G for $700/Mo.! I was using my cell phone as a hotspot for about a month then switched to the exede freedom plan for less Than 1/6th the cost and more data than Verizon offered. I have a technical background and have mostly positive encounters with Customer Service. Do I like all of their policies? No. But what company is perfect? None that I have found. So  I am happier with exede. They offer fast service, (more times than not over the advertised speed SB2 Boost "router"/modem spec), the best price, and more data (freedom plan) than anything that was available to me at the time.

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