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It is disgraceful that for $143.00 a month I am constantly
hearing from Exede that we are now “data restricted”, generally ten days before
our billing cycle. When we were FORCED to have to use Exede due to moving to a
rural area, I was told we would never use 25G in a month. I made it perfectly
clear that as a military mom with several active serving children my internet
was important and imperative for communication. However the service has been
horrible, customer service has been more than lacking and quite frankly our
family must tolerate extortion and price gouging.  I am FORCED AGAIN to buy additional data,
funny thing is unless the dog is using the computer during the day, I am at a
loss to know where all of it has gone!!  
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That is exactly what my problem is i think they make it ok first couple months then phantom data usage to get you to buy more still no answer to correct my issue of sam problem all they can say is sorry you was misinformed
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How did Exede force you to use their service? If you're like me, if it weren't for Exede you wouldn't have Internet and if you have some other choice besides dialup you shouldn't have got Exede. You have to learn to manage your data and there is several how tos here.
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Well for one when you use the allotted data then it is worse than dial up so hince buy more data. And about the manage data how about only thing i have on mine is a router which when not in use gets turned of as in unplugged. After midnight it is suppose to be unlimited till 5 am and that is when my son does his live gaming kinda funny first 3 months it was fine now last 2 months using all the data. Sometime people dont have a choice as to what is offered in there area as is with me that is why i have it.
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Dave, dial up isn't even offered in many areas anymore. Considering that no one is home for 10 hours a day, five days a week due to being a working household, where we earn pay checks. Staying up until midnight is NOT a viable option. I will be sure to inform my Marine/Soldiers next time they make contact that Exede has  "several how  tos here"  to help manage data extortion. I am sure that will certainly help us all ! Being a successful Mom of Eight I manage everything, but I have no patients or tolerance for price gouging, poor service and disappearing data, especially when no one is home. I am curious as to how much data will be used while we are on vacation! 
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You indicate that you use Exede to communicate with your children on active duty How do you do that? Through video calls using an application such as Skype or another?

Eventually an Exede moderator will pick up your post and likely request an email be sent to him/her including your contact/account information since they cannot determine it from your profile established here. The will provide a very general, categorized breakdown of your usage. 

In the meantime, you might want to read the following links with regard to data usage to see if anything obvious jumps out at you:

Data usage tips | Exede Internet Community

Some tips on Windows 8 data usage | Exede Internet Community

When you leave your computer (or other device) unattended how do you do that? Do you logoff, lock, sleep, or shutdown? The differences in each and their impacts on data usage are described at the end of the first link. 

If you have any questions regarding the some of the regulars here will be able to provide further assistance.

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Hello MilitaryMum, the links Labs provided will be very useful to take a look at. Definitely send me an email with your info to, and I can take a look at your data traffic with you to help determine where it's being used up. I also have a promotional offer that might interest you that I'd like to discuss. I look forward to talking with you.
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I didn't know where to type but I hope that someone from exede reads these!! I also pay $140.00 and always run out of data!! I was told by directv to go with exede bcc they were the only company that offered a "no data cap" service. Bull crap!! When I agreed to go with exede I was stuck for 2 hrs! So after I got off the phone with direct I had to call exede and set up which plan. I have to pay $140 a month for 25 gigabytes but for 6 months I get double so I get 50. Which is all good if I still didn't run out. I changed from fidelity cable (which is a whole other story) they sold the cable comp four times in the end it was fidelity. Soooo fidelity I paid $70 for no data cap!! Man I wish I was back with them now but I'm stuck!!! Can yall pleAse get the new evolution plan in my area?!?!? My zip code is 72011. They told me they were working on it before my six months were up. So maybe yall will. I didn't know where else to type requests. Also my internet is not working again!! It was out for 2 days a week ago and now it is again...of course I still have to pay $140 even though I haven't had Internet for 3 days!! And everybody is probably like me when it's out its hell!! I pay bills and do everything this way! So when its out I'm screwed! Thanks I have other things to say but I'm tired of typing. Thanks
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Was there a good reason why you witched from unlimited cable internet to satellite internet for twice the price, with a data cap?

Did DirecTV connect your tv box to the home network? This can be a large data hog, using 4 to 8 GB a day or more as it downloads those shows and movies in HD. 

Controlling your data usage can be frustrating, but with data caps, it is important to get rid of those little thieves that consume your data in the background, often things you aren't even aware of. Check out this link, it contains a large collection of ways you can get data consumption under control.

I control my data usage with my 10 GB limit, and have never run over, except at the times my kids are here with their tablets, smart phones and laptops. They are fortunate enough to enjoy no data limits with their cable internet at their homes.

Normally, my home has a PC, a laptop and a smart phone using data, and I am on the internet around 4 to 6 hours a day, but very little You Tube, and no downloading of videos except during the LNFZ.

Hopefully you can get some of your data usage in check with the suggestions on the thread referenced above.

Good luck,
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When going on vacation...   Try unplugging the dish modem and save some power too.
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Same thing here, $140 a month and 25 gig, which is more like 12-ish.  12-ish gigs is not enough for a household with people who work online doing things such as selling our products.  Each person has an Iphone, Ipad, Kindle, etc.  We're a ranch and there are times a lot of people are here and the 12-ish gigs just isn't enough.  I'm supplementing with a cellular hotspot because I'm just not going to pay another dime to Exede until they become competitive and offer unlimited data.  All of our neighbors have gone with unlimited plans using a cellular repeater.  I probably need to just make a change.
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Exede is NOT going to offer unlimited data.  A lot of the beams (including mine) are overloaded, now. Even the Freedom plan (which the vast majority of Exede customers can't get) is not unlimited, it's 150 gigs. What you want to do, you can't do on satellite internet. If you have other choices with unlimited data you should have never gotten Exede.

Where are these cell services with unlimited data? The only ones I know of are the old grandfathered in plans that you can't get and haven't been able to get for  good while.
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To answer your question of "Where are these cell services with unlimited data?"
One only needs to look here:|aspot-3|50perio...
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They don't exactly cover a lot of the country side.
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You should also read their (MetroPCS) terms and conditions found here:

MetroPCS reserves the right to manage our network and the traffic on our network in the way we believe best benefits our customers and best enables us to maintain Service of the nature described in this Agreement......Thus, we reserve the right to discontinue Service to customers, to discontinue or block Service to certain telephone numbers or categories of services, to terminate calls or Services as described below, to reduce the speed at which such services are provided, or to restrict the amount of usage, which our experience indicates result in disruptive usage patterns of this nature......For example, MetroPCS Service is not intended for use... or (ix) for persons whose web and data Rate Plan usage is not predominantly for HTML/WAP browsing and multimedia streaming services provided by us, our affiliates, authorized suppliers, and licensees.

A little further down....

Depending on your Rate Plan, your usage of Data Access may be metered by Us. Your Rate Plan may include a Data Access usage limit, such as 1 GB per service cycle. We shall determine in our sole discretion what data usage constitutes Data Access and reserve the right to alter, make additions to or deletions to what type of data usage, or protocols, constitute Data Access without notification to you. Data Access may include, for example, multimedia streaming and video on demand services, as well as certain multimedia uploads, downloads and gaming services and applications. Uploads are data sessions where the data is transferred from your Wireless Device to some other computer or wireless device, while downloads are data sessions where the data is transferred from some other computer or wireless device to your Wireless Device. Depending on your Rate Plan, data sessions from MetroSTUDIO and the @metro store may not count against your Data Access limit. Data Access does not include any data services or uses which are prohibited by Us under this Agreement, such as in the MetroWEB Terms of Use

The ... above simply notate where I skipped a lot of stuff to point out the important points.  I have a sprint unlimited data plan, but my speeds suck at my house AND it strictly forbids tethering since that is considered an add-on service.  Once it was ruled that if you pay for a set amount of data then they cannot dictate how you use that data, cell companies dropped the unlimited plans and started charge per GB and giving the hotspot functionality on your smartphones for free. 

Unfortunately many of the thoughts here may be a little unrealistic.  It has never been an issue for me since I knew what I was getting when I signed on.  It would seem some folks did not quite understand the limitations before signing up and that is where a LOT of these posts are coming from.
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People....   you must understand that you are buying data that is delivered by satellite.

All the rants about running out of data are much like children complaining that their candy bar was just too small after they ate it all.... and of course, they want more.

How many people have a WiFi router connected and also have an android phone or similar?  Ever noticed how it will latch onto your WiFi to save you from cell companies data caps?  Know your equipment and what it is capable of doing, or resources it may find that end up bleeding data from your internet connection. 

Get a network monitoring program like 'Net Peeker' ( and watch what connections your computer is making.  Maybe your home computer is a "spam-bot" or similar where your connection is booked solid around the clock by someone else via remote control.

To blame Exede because YOU ran out of data is just plain unfair.  You may be losing your data to people or places you are unaware of. Would you gripe to the water company about a high bill if you had a badly leaking pipe under your house?  it's not their responsibility to make sure the product is only being used where you want it. must understand that you are buying data that is delivered by satellite.
How it gets used is entirely up to you.

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