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Hi, I have a few questions I'm not sure how many of you are Exede Dealers but I would love to hear input.
1. Do you regret becoming an Exede dealer and why.
2. What did you enjoy the most or do you enjoy the most about it.
3. What would you suggest to me if I was wanting to become an Exede Dealer.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Cigr, If you do decide to become an Exede dealer feel free to contact either DSI at 800-888-8876 or Perfect 10 at 800-205-8620 for more information. Exede can also accompany your other product offerings and bring a new and growing line of revenue to your business. 
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I would say the most important aspect would be in explaining in great depth to each customer the probability of slow download speeds ..as in the probability of speeds below 1 mbps. That way the customer can make a informed decision that will not negatively impact customer relations as much as it would and does otherwise
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Based on the huge number of dissatisfied customers I would strongly caution against representing this company.
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Well people have to understand that it's not a terrestrial network. Once people understand what that mean they would not complain about latency and so forth. Plus people have to understand how much it takes to provide more bandwidth. Massive issues come into play when doing updates/upgrade that the average person doesn't understand. But I do because I work for a small town ISP and see things on a daily basis that I have to work with.
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That is the main issue right now, the slow download bandwidth speed, because when you install a system it's during "non-peak" usage times, as soon as 10pm rolls around and their bandwidth drops below 1Mbps, they're on the phone complaining. The customer support ends sending you back out which you DO NOT get paid for again and that can happen several times during the first 90 days.

I'm not an installer, as a customer I'm going through the slow down during peak usage times, so I call customer support, and they end up scheduling a tech to come out, even though I know there is nothing the tech can do, but I figured at least a local company will make some revenue, and then after speaking with the satellite company who installed the system I found out NO they do not get paid again within the first 90 days of the install, and I canceled the tech because again I know there is nothing he can do.

Within the first 90 days after an install you WILL have several callbacks to the install sites which you WILL NOT get paid for even though it is Exede's problem with over selling their beam(s) and it don't matter if the system was installed correctly or not you have to comply with their contract, which is a waste of time thus money for your company.

I'd personally wait until the end of the year when they have their second satellite up and running and that's just my opinion "as a customer of Exede".
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Well I'm a installer thought I was being piad well after a year I did the math it's 110 a install -$46 for a pole mount or about $26 for a roof mount that's not a service call that I make $50 and have to switch stuff around finding the problem dsi website says make 380 a install I get ******** and boss paid well and buys nothing to but this ********* in

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I'm an Exede/Viasat dealer/self-installing retailer. Elite Dealer since day 1 and one of 7 dealers who are on the Viasat Dealer Advisory Council. This is not the forum for me to answer the questions you pose. I suggest a forum like dishretailer.com where you can get feedback from long-time dealers and even a few village idiots....yes, they are on every forum. 

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So, this is an old thread.  Last update before Samantha's was in April 2017!  Locking it.

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