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I am writing this as a warning and to vent my bottomless frustration with Exede satellite internet.
I have loathed no other company as I do Exede, I live in a rural area and satellite internet is my only option otherwise I would never have this service, the frustrating part is the Comcast line ends about a half mile from my house, trust me I call them every month to see if I am eligible.  I WILL leave this company the second I am able to and I may even move to do so.

I guess I am fortunate enough to have the "Freedom" plan that I had to fight for all the way up to corporate when it wasn't available after my promo period was up, a clear attempt at a bait and switch.  The "Freedom" plan which Exede arrogantly and naively pats themselves on the back for and lauds as "...a huge amount of data. In fact, it’s so much that we think most customers won’t ever come close to using it all up every month. It’s comparable to the amount of data you’d get with an internet plan from a phone or cable company..."
Except that's bullshit and Exede needs to get out of the naughts and join the present where people use internet to stream most of their media content and 150 gigs does not cut it.  Oh and by the way, cable internet providers have a data cap of a TERABYTE at half the price but if Exede wants to continue to be delusional and say thats comparable then let their insanity shine.
And Exede thinks they are gracious enough to offer the option to add more data at a criminally gouging price of $10 a gig, thats about 6.5x what a gig cost in the plan, what a joke and if my data is maxed and I want to watch a movie on Netflix it would cost me about $30.  That's called taking advantage of a vulnerable customer base.

The customer service is the worst I've ever encountered, long hold times and mindless unqualified underpaid tools reciting the same troubleshooting template time and again.  I can't even begin to explain how excruciating it is being read the same FAQs that I can find online as if I am some uneducated dolt who cant do his own research and troubleshooting.  If i am reaching out to the company I'd like to speak to someone who knows more then I do about these things not a minimum wage human page reader.  I've been disconnected so many times after waiting 30+ min to get ahold of someone and then have to do it all over again that I dread ever having to make a call into this company.  And when I do get ahold and can stay on the line and ask real questions it's as if I am looking for the location of the Holy Grail and they can't give me any details but just vague mystifying clues.

I don't trust this company, there is no accountability, for example how do I know if when Exede says I used 10 gigs I actually used 10 gigs.  They could be padding data usage to try and force people into paying the ridiculous prices for addition data or upgrading their plan.  I know that when I look at the eSVT dashboard (which is vague, who makes a graph without xy numbers, its almost comical), there are unexplained chunks of data usage at wee hours of the morning and days I am not even home.  And I have heard all the same rhetoric about updates and passwords ect...  I have very strong security and manual updates that I almost never do because of this BS.  I turn off all devices when I leave so now explain to me where data is going?  Several months ago I hit my data cap a week into the period, 150 gigs in a week and when I reviewed it in eSVT is showed essentially a waterfall of constant data usage, several gigs an hour in the communication bracket!  When reviewed by a tech he had said he had never seen anything like it ever.  I have that conversation saved but no one could figure out why and it was never resolved.  Next period everything went back to normal and it was never addressed again.

I've heard all the responses to these types of gripes, I don't need to hear the fact that I have to alter my internet usage as I am forced to do that by the nature of this thing.  I know all the ways to limit data ect...   I don't go overboard and binge watch or download heavy files.  Just with what I pay a month I should be able to do the minimum average of modern internet usage.  I always come up short though, about a week before my billing period ends I hit my cap and its basically garbage internet from there on out.  I figured a week a month comes out to about 3 months a year that I don't have acceptable internet usage.  Thats $330 i am paying to be screwed by a digital governor on my modem that's controlled by a greedy heartless corporation.  At the least Exede should change their description of the "Freedom" plan to "..not quite enough data for modern internet usage."  Realistically if "Freedom" was even 200 gigs instead of only 150 that would be just barely enough to stream a few shows or a movie a night without ever maxing out.
Considering other internet providers offer 1000 gigs at at least twice the speed for around $40 I don't think asking for an extra 50 gigs in the freedom plan for $100 is asking too much.

If this post does nothing else then let me vent at least its something...

Cue the cut and paste obvious technician responses in 3...2...1...  

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Posted 3 years ago

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At least you can get the Freedom plan... I only get 30GB for $160. I also live in the country so they have me just where they want me. Oh they keep telling me Freedom plan will come to my area in about 3 months.. after calling every 3 months I finally just gave up... I can't even have my grandchildren due simple stuff on the computer for fear of running out of data... Ditto on everything you said couldn't of said it better myself... except I wished I could at least get the Liberty plan.  I guess living out in the country they know they have you just where they want you.. 
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I have been with Wildblue and then Exede for almost 9 years now. Yes, the folks who are fortunate enough to have a ground based ISP do have the advantage over those of us in the country. Country living is a trade off that most of us have chosen. I have lived at my current address for 45 years now, and would never give this up in exchange for the traffic, traffic lights, crowds that are a part of the more developed area. Those of us who live in the rural areas, like me, have two choices for our internet providers. They are both satellite services, and they both have many customers complaining about the data limits imposed on them. Yes, if a ground  based provider would decide to serve my home, I would switch in a minute, but they have been as  close as one  mile away, and for the past 25 years, we have been unable to get them to extend their cable to our address, although they did offer to do it for over $10,000. We will never give up hope for unlimited high speed internet, but until that day arrives, I m very happy that Exede provides service to us with a very reliable connection. We have managed to live with the 10 GB per  month on the Liberty Plan, and have only had to use the Pass 3 or 4 times. Even on the Pass, we get speeds in the 4 to 5 Mbps during the daytime, and during the evening hours, it can vary from 500 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps. Exede and Hughesnet get a lot of negative comments about the data limits, but without them, we could not have any connection to the internet.  
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What you say is true Steve.  My frustration though is here we have a much higher population base, houses all over the place, and at our other place we are the only place on the mile closest neighbors about a mile away in various directions and there we have much superior internet there in a much quieter less populated spot.   My new frustration has been even though I have the Freedom plan now and get speed checks at up to 16 mbps I can not stream live games well on Exede, sometimes not even live audio (often have to default to Verizon for an audio stream) ESPN3 won't work at all.  I talked at length to a tech at my other site asking what speed level I'd need to be able to stream ESPN3 and he said oh your 4 to 5 should be more than plenty...well, long story short we were up there a weekend we wanted to watch a football game and what do you know, ESPN3 streamed beautifully the entire game.  I checked our speed once and we were getting 4 mbps.  We are kind of reconsidering if the cost of the Freedom plan is really worth it or if we should go back to Liberty until we move.  
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Hi WishIHad: Sorry to hear you're so unhappy with our service. If you feel like there's some unusual activity re. data usage going on, you should ping us at exedelistens@viasat.com and one of our Denver agents can take a deeper dive to see if we can figure out what's going on. That said, you do have our most generous data plan, which we're only able to offer in some areas where congestion is lowest. I understand that you just want a pipe that'll deliver what you need without slow-downs, but you should know that putting a satellite in orbit, building a ground network and installing equipment at customer homes and businesses is quite a bit different than what cable companies have to do, and a satellite does have a more limited capacity. In other words, if we gave everyone 200 GB or unlimited data, it'd slow down the service for everyone in that beam. We don't have data limits because we are a heartless corporation but because we have to in order to manage our network. Data limits is the thing our customers like least and the thing we are actively seeking to improve upon with our upcoming satellite launches in 2017 and 2019.
There are some 3rd party tools for tracking your data usage that you might try, but as Steve suggest above, learning to manage the data allowance you've got can go a long way toward being more satisfied with the service. We make every effort to ensure our data usage tool is accurate; it's typically the case that the issue is on the user's side (although I know you don't want to hear that). The internet is a tricky thing, with holes galore where data can be consumed without our realizing it. Shoot us an email and we'll see if we can help you figure it out!
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Exede could have a 1000gb cap and customers would still complain about running out of data.  We have the 150gb package and never use more than half of our data and we stream for hours  everyday.  If you live on the internet 24/7 than no data package will satisfy you.