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When I connect to the Viasat modem with Ethernet cable I am getting fantastic speeds, but Wifi is a totally different story.  See below.  Should I just connect a switch to the modem and hardwire everything?

Date                        Latency  Download  Upload     ConnType
Mar/12/2020 3:46    811.204   9.229952    2.932016   Wifi
Mar/11/2020 19:20  837.697   0.064056    2.28068     Wifi
Mar/11/2020 18:48  937.77     5.723088    2.405896   Wifi
Mar/11/2020 18:06  868.204   68.93656    4.991344   Ethernet
Mar/11/2020 18:00  896.837   70.35439    5.12128     Ethernet
Mar/11/2020 16:32  881.216   68.39652    5.017992   Ethernet
Mar/11/2020 16:24  695.417   68.5046      4.918256   Ethernet
Mar/11/2020 16:20  826.297   66.48461    4.741896   Ethernet
Mar/11/2020 16:16  903.595   10.91813    3.716384   Wifi
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Posted 3 months ago

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Christopher Koster

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This is largely your call. Doing a hardline to every device is a great option, it’s just a matter of budget and time. Are you making your own cables? Are you planning on running them through your walls? Etc, things like that.

Another consideration that I would suggest, as I’ve done it with my setup, is analyze the cost, and see if it might be worth it to buy a half decent WiFi router/system, and just put your modem into bridged mode.

This also largely depends on your setup as well, does it make sense to hardline everything? What about if you’re using a tablet/laptop, yours be confined to the wire for the most part if you want the faster speeds.
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Christopher Koster

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I’d also like to add as I’ve totally forgot about it. When/if you’re buying a WiFi System or trying to make improvements to the built in WiFi, have you looked at your home setup? Walls, electrical currents, and a whole range of things can have a large impact on your WiFi as well. While it’s uncommon to see speeds like that using 2.4Ghz signal, there could be heavy attenuation in the signals as well.

There’s a whole host of reasons and explanations which would explain the poor WiFi performance, but a lot of this research has to be done by you.
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If your devices support it, I would try switching to the other WiFi band to see if it makes any difference.  The 2.4GHz band has better range than the 5GHz band, but it's more susceptible to interference.

For reference, nearly all WiFi capable devices can connect to the 2.4GHz band, but whether they can connect to the 5GHz band depends on their particular WiFi capabilities.  

Additionally, your WiFi settings may need some tweaking.  I'm not familiar with what WiFi settings can be changed in the ViaSat modems, as I don't have ViaSat, but those who do may have some suggestions.  
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Bob Lexus

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You probably have the modem/router with the big blue circle.

It's wifi is pathetic - use a third party router
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Not sure with those speeds though...