Which data plans can I get?

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I currently have a TV/Internet bundle through Dishnet that ends January 27th 2016. I'm tired of the offerings on satellite Tv so after 30 years of Dish and Directv I am installing an outside antenna to receive my local channels It is suppose to be delivered October 24th 2015. So that leaves the need for satellite internet. I was interested in the Classic 10 or Essential 10 with early morning free zone. But when I type in my 47150 zip code I'm offered Liberty 10 package with something called freepass. I use a Linux operating system and need the free zone to download new Linux operating systems or to update my exsisting system Is either of those two packages still available? Also Excede site says free anti virus for the first year but what about the second year of the contract? As I said I use strictly Linux operating systems so anti virus for Windows or Mac would do me no good at all and I don't want to be paying for something I will not be using.
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You are lucky to live in an area that has the Liberty plans.  The essential 10 plan has a late night free zone but with different hours...  3am to 8am.

For more information about Liberty plans click HERE

You can get the F-Secure® Anti-virus for one year, then it goes to just a few dollars a month, (about $3.00).  I installed it and read the terms; what  it will do, how it will do it, what access they will have in my computer, what they will upload (anything and everything they want), what they will delete, etc. and couldn't get it out of my machine fast enough.  It does NOT uninstall using their UN-installer.. EVER, no way, no how, it stays, PERIOD !!  They have a link on their website to another UN-installer but it doesn't work either.

I am good, very good at Windows XP (I still use it because of it's sheer power) and it took me days to finally get rid of it using my own knowledge and a program called ComboFix that put the final nail in the coffin to remove the last traces of it.  If I was using an newer version of windows I probably couldn't get rid of it.  If you put it in, you may be stuck with it even after you think it's gone.

I consider that program to be a TOTAL invasion of privacy with the ability to follow you everywhere you go on the Internet, upload, analyze, change or delete anything they see fit to do in a computer ("Anything" is far more all-inclusive than one would think).  That program is out of the future of a totalitarian state where big brother is watching you at all times (read privacy policy at link below).   Install at your own risk, but I'm sure it protects against viruses too.  It's everything else you give them the "ok" to do in addition that bothers me.

Read their End User License Agreement 

That's nothing.. read their Privacy policy

lastly, why would they make it so difficult to remove their program from your computer?  Read the privacy policy and see what they had access to!   You could wake up one morning and find your month's data is gone because of what F-Secure decided to upload from your computer..they can upload your entire hard drive and hey, you gave your consent.  Fair warning.

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Merle, Do you know if your DishNet uses Exede or Hughes? Are you aware that you can continue with DishNet without continuing your Dish Network TV Service. If you like the DishNet packages better, that is an option for you to consider. I have used Norton and McAfee in the past and they both caused me a lot of headache. I have found that the free anti-virus products have been every bit as good. I now use Avast. I am a Kim Komondo fan and she continually recommends the free products over the purchased ones. You can check out her recommendations at komondo.com.
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My thanks to all for all the information I'll be switching soon

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STOP sending this shit.

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Stop subscribing to it...

Login to the site, click on your username appearing at the top of the page, select Profile, click on Email and Notifications, turn everything off and save ro relieve your inbox constipation.

Supposedly there's also a link in the email you're receiving... but I wouldn't know since I don't receive any having done the above.  
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Wow!!! what was the last two postings about??
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Merle, Mr. McKinnis was unhappy because he was getting email notifications for posts put on this forum. It is easy to change the notification to eliminate that, as Old Labs pointed out.

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