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Emotional roller coaster...sorry for the long read...

Last week I finally got fed up enough with my current ISP (Speed Connect) to pull the plug and order Excede. I'm extremely fortunate to be offered the Freedom plan and was so excited to be going from an inconsistent 1-3 Mps that I pulled the trigger on the 25Mbs plan as well. I'm going all in on this thing! 

(high) My install was scheduled for a couple days later, for last Friday, 1/15 this is great! . 

(low) Then, the lady from the local dealer/installer called and said they would not be out until Sunday. I told her, but it's going to be nearly 40 degrees (I'm in Iowa) on Friday and -20 or -30 windchill on Sunday. I told her there is no way I can expect an install in that weather.

(high) She assured me this would be fine although in the back of my mind I'm way.

(still high) Company calls me on Friday to verify install, I ask if she's sure, that's damn cold! Yes, he'll be there.

(low) Guy calls Sunday morning and says "hey...with this weather...there is no way I'm going up on a 2+ story roof". I can't blame the guy at all and feel better knowing he's not trying that on my roof! 

(really low) Installer says "yea, she said you have a tall old house so I drove by to check it out the other day, I see you have some trees that I think are going to be in the way. So I'm not sure we're going to be able to pull this off anyhow. I have directv but I guess the excede Satellite is a little more West which would be right at a very large old tree in front of the house.  

(a little higher) I was looking at things yesterday and while yes, if he were to mount the dish on the same corner as Directv (my house faces South, Directv is on the NE corner shooting over the roof, tree is right in front of the house Directv is aimed just to the left of the tree). however, it looks like....(looks like).. they would have a clear shot west of the tree if they mount the dish on the NW corner facing South).

(low) the gal last week when I told her to just reschedule because I didn't see Sunday happening..told me the installer has some family personal things he has to do this week so...I may be getting into next week at best. So, now I wait for a call. 

(very low) In the meantime, I reset my Speedconnect modem multiple times over the weekend and called tech support only to hear the all familiar "attention speed connect customers in Iowa, we are experiencing network issues that may result in dropped or low internet connections"....sigh......they are in the process of upgrading but were to be done end of last summer. So, too little too late at this point.

(low) installer did mention "I may be able to put it on a tall pole in your front yard". That probably won't work aesthetically . 

 Only other option is to go back to local phone company with phone lines in town as old as telephone systems and old wires in my 108 year old house for lackluster DSL until they get fiber run in 5+ years (just in time to be obsolete I'm guessing) Aint happenin' 

I even in my mind came up with a deal for Excede. I want this so bad.

You guys cut this tree down, I'll sign a 5 year contract AND buy the equal amount it cost you to cut the tree down, of ViaSat stock over 5 year contract.! ...disclaimer: don't any of you Exced folks put that in writing quite yet...but....I may very well be there! 

It's a very large old tree that has seen hundreds of years and is very cool to have and will be sad day to see it go, I'm not understating that or diminishing that fact. I would only cut it down because it's been diseased and hollow in the middle for years so, it's only a matter of time I'm looking at an insurance claim or safety concern anyhow. I would not just do it for internet. If that was the case I would have done it already to hit a different Speedconnect tower. So, tree-huggers, breath's ok. 

So...we wait..again sorry for the long read. Just venting a bit. Hope to be an excede customer soon.
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If the tree is not too far form the house, they should be able to do a pole mount off to the side of the tree or, beyond the tree, as the y did mine. It does cost extra for them to set the pole and, frozen ground would make that more difficult as they need to dig the hole and they do set the pole in quick setting concrete but, I'd inquire about that.
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Your getting played.... if you have direc tv...there is a 90 percent chsnce you get exede. The installer is a lazy toad. At a absolute bare minimum he neds to do a "site survey" with a inclomiter....ask him if he knows what a inclokiter is....takes 5 minutes.. demand a veteran tech.....not a noob. I see your wanting this too bad, ajd your going to get hurt in the end


These folks...exede are not going to go out on a limb for you regarding the install..... its all about the local company.....and it sounds like your local company does not provide exceptional customer service