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Hopefully this one doesn't get deleted. 

This is a guide.

Most if not all of your questions will be answered below.


First, this internet is NOT made for games that require a quick response to the server (World Of Warcraft, League Of Legends, DOTA). The signal from your computer has to go through your modem and out to the satellite and then 22000 miles up in space then to the server then 22000 miles back down to your modem then to your computer. Takes about a second but it's enough to ruin an online game. Facebook games and the like work just fine, also, turn based games work fine also, as long as they aren't dependent on ping.

Second, this isn't Google Fiber. You aren't going to get gigabit speeds. Even if we did, you'd have to have a special modem and router to handle the speed. On the top end of Exede, we get 2.4 MB/s | 24 Mbps download speeds. ALOT can affect your speed. Improper installation, network congestion, poor Ethernet cables/router, poor weather, asteroids knocking the satellite out of orbit, etc.  
These are my speeds and I usually download about 30 GB a night during the LNFZ. 

That is MEGABYTES not megabits. That means I can download a 100 MB file in about 40 seconds. Give or take a few seconds. 
Also, proof that the network isn't all that bad is below.

That is ~60 GB downloaded during the LNFZ over 2 nights (or 10 hours).


Alot of whining comes from people that say their data disappeared. No, just no. Your data didn't disappear, it was used. Whether you know it or not, your computer downloads updates automatically unless you set it not to. 
This is what you should set your Windows Update to if you want it to check but not download updates. 

There are two main causes to "disappearing" data. 

  • Insecure router (no password / open network)
  • Updates from devices (phones, laptops, desktops)
YouTube, Netflix, and HULU are also data eating culprits. Videos are data. Anything on the internet is data. Videos are a known source of large data.

So, your data isn't being misplaced. It's being used, unbeknownst to you. 

I might add more if this thing doesn't get deleted again.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Wow! I was delighted to read Shawn's post. It's so tiresome to read posts here that misuse this venue, for example, scolding us as if we were the Exede tech dept or administrators. For the most part, Exede tech support has answered my questions or fixed problems I was having. But this community helps in other ways. Shawn's post is a perfect model for what this community is about, who we are, and how best to participate in a constructive way. Thanks again, Shawn.

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