Early Termination Fee?

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How much is the early termination fee if I cancel my service before my 12 or 24 months of service?
  The website mentions an upfront $300 charge for a "no termination fee", but it says nothing about how much the early termination fee actually costs.
  So, who's to say I wouldn't be better off to just pay the early termination fee rather than the $300 up front no termination fee?

  I thought I would post on here before calling Viasat because I always have bad experiences when calling for more information to set up a service, as they are more concerned about hurrying and signing me up rather than answering my questions (referring to other services as I have never been a customer of Viasat).
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AFAIK ...... the Early Termination fee is $15 per month  for your remaining contract obligation.  $300 is what they charge if you don't return your modem and tria.  That $300  is in addition to the $15 per month charge.
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$15 per month remaining of your 24 month contract.


Go to Viasat.com/internet and put in your zip to see plans.  There is no trial period, once installed and used, you are in contract.

To be clear, why are you signing up?  Do you have no other options such as DSL, Cable, or cellular (since some carriers offer actually unlimited plans now, like the "red" carrier)?  Or are your existing options not reliable?  Does anyone in your household multiplayer game, because much of that doesn't work, or work well, except for turn based games.  Do you plan on "cord-cutting"?  Because streaming video needs to be limited (read the fine print on the plans, and the tv commercial and other ads exaggerate).  Plus, some areas are congested.

Basically, do your homework first, make sure you have no other viable options.

edit: I need to refresh pages before I post....
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All current Viasat plans require a 24-month service term commitment unless you opt for the no long term commitment option you mention. Prepaying $300 up front would allow you to cancel at any time without incurring any early termination fees - that's a relatively new option available in some areas and some circumstances. However it really makes sense only if you feel likely to terminate within the first 4 months. After 4 months the most you'd pay is $300 for early termination and it starts going down from there on out.

That prepay option shouldn't be confused with the $299.99 lifetime prepaid lease fee nor should it be confused with the fees for failure to return the leased equipment, which can be as high as $300.

As noted above, do your homework, choose wisely among all available options you may have available, read and understand the customer agreement prior to install as aabbcc notes since you will then be under contract.

https://www.exede.com/documents/master/customer-agreement.pdf    .  


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Make Viasat a last resort.
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OP has not given a location....most important consideration
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Worst service ever! We never get anywhere close to what they stated, except during some "trial" thing when it was boosted, which makes me wonder why not all of the time for $110!! After 12 months of half ass service, I'll gladly pay $15/month to cancel over paying $1200 for nothing that works. Don't get their service!!!!
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ViaSat doesn't have any trial period.  
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Maybe talking about the promotional pricing issue.