DSL is my choice if I could get it. Exede is the best satellite service.

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I read the article about DSL vs satellite. While living in the city I had DSL and only lost service once in 11 years due to the phone lines. I have lived in a rural area now for only 8 months and have lost my internet every time we have a power outage, this was not a problem in the city.
Since my phone is also through the internet I have also lost use of it when the power is out also. This has led us to have to purchase a cell phone service for just in case.
There have been other times that for no apparent reason I stop getting a signal. At that time I have no internet or phone. I will wait as little as a few minutes and get a signal. Other times it takes several hours. Between the power outages and the lose of the signal I have lost my service an average of once a week.
If I was able to go back to DSL I would do so tomorrow. I have even considered moving closer to a city so that I could get my internet over the phone line again. This is not really an option as we own our home and really do love it.
The bottom line is, you have a long way to go before you can favorably compare yourself to DSL. I will continue my service as you are the best satellite company out there and there are no land based options where I live.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Exede is definitely the best satellite Internet provider in my area.  DSL is not available, but satisfaction seems to vary with the provider according to some of my friends and relatives who do have it.  They are always impressed with the download speeds I have on Exede, but the data caps are the big issue.  And if you want to play the twitch games, the latency is an issue on satellite.
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Compared to what I have heard about Hughesnet there is no comparison. A neighbor of mine has Hughesnet. He not only has monthly caps, he has daily caps. Not only that, his total monthly data usage is limited to less than 1/3 of mine at about the same cost. Even DSL isn't perfect. In fact I would in all honesty have to call Exede the closest satellite company to DSL. 
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Hello Jim, Thank you for your valued feedback! I can certainly understand your frustration coming from DSL to Satellite. There is a difference. Exede Diana

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Jim, It also depends on your local phone company. I had DSL & it was so slow, I could literally do a google search, go get a cup of coffee, & "maybe" by the time I get back, it would be ready. I would get so mad, I threatened to get rid of the computer. But, I need it for my work. I'm a writer. Nothing famous, yet. I'm well satisfied with my satellite. I just don't like being cut off when the skies get cloudy.
If someone has an unresolvable issue with Exede, I suggest switching to another company. It may not be as good as Exede, but, you'll still have some kind of service.
Like I intend to tell the car salesman today when we go in for a new car. "We are the customers. We are not here to please you. You are here to please us. If you can't please us, this is not the only car dealership in town, &, Lufkin is not the only town in Texas that has car dealerships."
The sales people are there to please the customers. The Customer Service people are there to please the customers. If they will not listen & do something about your issues, write or call corporate headquarters & complain. That's what I would do.
May you have a better year ahead than the one you just had behind you.