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Southwest VA.  Rural.  I think we're on beam 321.  Satellite is all we can get where we are (Shentel cable 6 miles away, which I miss so much now). Exede had the lowest prices when we moved here two years ago.  My roommate complains much more than I do - I've found it to be functional 99% of the time, barring weather complications, that one weird outage, and the mystery leech on our network that I did take care of.  We're on the Exede12 15GB plan.

I've noticed since our contract expired back at the beginning of April, however, the signal has been so weak we can't get wifi calling to work most of the time, and being able to use our phones was the main reason we have to have internet.  Up until that point it was entirely possible to play games (Splatoon 2 specifically) even after midnight during the Free Zone hours.  Now?  Nothing at all.  When it works, it works, but we can't do what we're paying money to do.  Texts and emails will come through sometimes a full 24 hours after they've been sent.  Voicemails will appear without the phone having rung at all.  I had the satellite man out to look at it Monday, and he replaced the TRIA and wants to replace the dish pole.  He analyzed it and says everything is well within parameters, but the beam is just super congested.


Is anyone else having this problem?  It's been getting worse for us by the day, and I'm wondering if this is related to Viasat2 rollouts or something else...
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Good morning Setsu,

Seems like you have approached this correctly, getting a tech out and check over the system, replacing Tria.  Changing the pole?  I can see that if it isn't sturdy enough, wind issues, or high enough to give you the the correct azimuth.   If he wants to do this at no charge, let him, must be some parameter that could be better.

Congestion has been an issue, and with more of the smaller plans being offered that a have free zone i can see where after midnight (i guess it may start then for some) more folks are taking advantage of that time period for downloads etc. and that time period may becoming more congested.

When V2 is offered in your area it may relieve some of the congestion, until then let the tech "tune" the system, hopefully you have a maintenance program so these visits don't cost you more than the monthly 5 dollar fee.

It is tough not even having a phone system that will work for you, that definitely not only affects basic quality of life and things others take for granted, but becomes a safety issue.

So if things don't get better soon contact Viasat hopefully they can also examine your system.

Best of luck.
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Yeah, the main rep from the provider's office came this time, since he's the one I keep complaining to (poor guy). In his opinion the pole should be sturdier. Hughes/Dish put it in for the previous homeowner 5 years ago and it is pretty wobbly. We have gotten some considerable wind up here the past year, despite trees around the property. I've kept an eye on the weather whenever we have issues and knew cloud cover would futz with the signal.
As for the TRIA, he said they've had an issue with moisture getting into the units and replaced it just in case. The problem with the congestion is it's 24/7, as far as I can tell. I have the wifi calling icon this moment, but that might only last a few minutes or less at a time.

Everyone else we know in the "neighborhood" has Hughes - who prices competitively now and I'm sorely tempted to switch - so our rep and his laptop are really the only meter we have to go on as to how good the service is.