Does the data used to connect to Exede Internet

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Is the data that I use connecting to Exede  Net counted in my data usage ?  I'm pretty  sure that speed test are.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Yes, if you are on the Classic Plans. 
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Yes, Willy. It is considered to be basic web browsing.
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hi, I have the evolution 20 plus six months of freedom, It was my understading that basic web browsing did not count against your usage can you please clarify this for me

                                                                                                            thanks, Richard

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Help is a good thing.

We usually get things resolved with help and cooperation. Keep an eye on your data usage, and you will be fine. If your coming from Cable and so on, keep both eyes on the data usage...

I also, am happy with Exede and my lifestyle in the boondocks. If cable came by here, I'll buy it. But it would be a very long trench (16 miles).

Welcome to the forum, Enjoy!
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For 6 months the seat belt light is off, your free to roam about the internet cabin with a "virtually" unlimited Freedom plan.

After that promo period, basic web browsing and email are unlimited on the Evolution plan, while everything else counts toward the 20GB limit, and I think you have the option of staying on the Freedom plan at that time. the promo period allows you to determine which is most suited to your needs if you monitor your usage.

If during that time you find you are consistently going well over 20GB of usage each month, Freedom is probably your best bet at a higher cost.

If however, you find you're consistently under or close to 20 GB,  Evolution may be the better choice, but may require adjusting your usage or taking measures to ensure you stay below 20GB.

Those measures are even advisable on the Freedom plan since excessive use can affect everyone's performance.  See:

as well as the following if applicable                      
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Actually, Evolution has only 10 GB of "extra" data available.  But there are days that we don't see any movement  in the meter so it works pretty well on things it doesn't meter.  The 10 GB works well as long as you don't stream much video wise.  But I only had 0.3 GB charged against me in the end for the 2 hour basketball game we streamed a couple days ago at 240p so by restricting the resolution down as low as you can stand to watch you can milk a lot of time out of that too.  If I could get Freedom though, I would because I'd like to be a little more relaxed on being able to watch a few more videos from time to time. (and don't tell me LNFZ live streams can't be downloaded during that time. :P)
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Richard's on a Freedom Plan Beam, after the promo he drops to the Evolution 20 plan - Freedom Plan beams appear to have an Evolution 20 plan available to existing customers as well or the Evolution 5... it's getting to be difficult to tell the plans without a scorecard at this point.   
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Why in heavens name would you not stay on the freedom plan?if given the choice.

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