Does exede work with an AT&T Microcell?

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Cell service at my house is virtually non existant, and I have an AT&T Microcell, a small box that connects to my router and provides a cell phone signal of very limited range (perhaps 100' diameter) to only certain specified cell phones. Will this work with the exede service in the same way that it works with my existing wireless provider (
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An AT&T MicroCell will work with Exede.  Take note:  Those devices use a little data even when you are not talking on your cell phone.  Exede has data caps so that phone will consume data and has a standard data priority on the Exede network.  If you subscribe to Exede Voice VOIP then the data does not count at all and it has a very high data priority so even when the network slows down due to congestion, the Exede phone will continue to work properly even if you go over your monthly data limit.
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I have the same problem at my house to. I have to use a Verizon Hot Spot. I had been checking into Exede, but I have been reading these reviews for several months now and most of the people are not happy using this service. I have changed my mind all together. Just my in put on this.
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Exede has over 650,000 subscribers. A large percentage of them are happy with the service. The complaints you are seeing here are a small number of those subscribers. Typically, those happy with a product do not come to the forum unless they are having a problem. If you check out the Hughesnet forum, you will find similar comments. I had Wildblue from 2008 until I upgraded to Exede in early 2012, and have been very satisfied with the service they provide.
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I see problems with data being used up at a rapid rate, billing issues and customer service. It makes me uneasy to get involved with a company where you see LOTS of different people complaining.
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Look at HughesNet forum you will see all the same things there. No matter what company you go with there will be customers that complain and have issues its just the way it is. When you have 650( thousand customers you're going to have complaints
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Knight Rider, I'm going to be honest with you. I am only interested in results.
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Exede is the lesser of the 2 evils lol , exede will try to fix issues and sometimes can fix them but hughes.. stay clear unless you enjoying staying on the phone with foreigners telling you to repoot your equipment every 2mins. first few months of exede was awesome but the last few months have been very frusterateing. google around and you can see its the same issues over and over dateing back years ago. if they would only learn it is not everyones routers and that they are not immune from dos attacks,dns viruses,ect. I have NEVER publically seen them admit a problem was on their end Ever. it is always the customers fault and that is their downfall.and the throttleing they say they do not do is bs because when everything is green in values and the upload is normal and download is almost at dialup and you have plenty of data they say congestion, well congestion light is not on? so now it has permantly been on for the last 2 months. but like magic 5mins before your free zone is over it magically goes back to normal speeds. well except a few mornings ago 5mins before free zone started the whole connection was out until? yep 5mins before free zone was over like MAGIC!!
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Hello K King, our forum champion Craig is correct; Microcell has been examined and has been proven to work with the Exede Internet. For more information please feel free to visit our forum discussion concerning Microcell compatibility.

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To answer your question yes the AT&T Microcell works, although, there is a delay or echo that most times occurs while trying to talk with someone.  But at least you can get a phone call, voicemail and respond.  I wouldn't ever use it as my primary phone or rely on it and not have a real copper wire land line.  Most of us who must use satellite internet know that importance of an emergency method of phone service.  Especially if you are in a more rural or remote area.  The data usage has definitely increased since attaching the Microcell, and I am a moderate user of the internet and most of the time hit my 15gb classic limit.  I try to use it after midnight for updates etc, but that doesn't always work either.  So beware  you will have overages, if you are not vigilant.  The customer service is only fair though I found the forums the best way to get results when you have an issue you can't solve.  An example was the Microcell when people first started getting them, but a great tech guy from exede/wilblue worked on it for several weeks before they found the real problem with some type of update in the firmware of the satellite modem.  

Good luck what every you decide.
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These are interesting devices for using a cellphone in remote places using Exede Internet to do the job, however....

T-Mobile is one carrier that allows straight-up calling over WiFi, anybodies WiFi.  Their WiFi router is a modified router that gives QoS (quality of service) priority to a T-Mobile (or MetroPCS) phone connecting through their router.  This means if you are surfing the web or downloading large files at the same time a phone call is in progress, the phone call gets the bandwidth it needs as a priority over downloads or web surfing (no dropped call due to speed hogging by a computer connected).

There is no technical requirement for a T-Mobile or MetroPCS phone to use the T-Mobile CellSpot to make or receive calls over WiFi. I use my Android phone at home using my own WiFi router and have "bogged-down" the internet connection with multiple downloads to see what effect that would have on WiFi calls and nothing went wrong.

Moral of the story: Try your T-Mobile phone using the WiFi router you have for awhile and see how well it works in varying conditions.  You may not need the T-Mobile router.  Be sure to enable calling over WiFi on your phone!

I like T-Mobile and Exede, they get along very well together.
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I've had Exede since Dec of 2015. If live a rural area where there is no cell service so have to use my T-Mobile smart phone to send and receive calls. The quality of the phone is rather hit and miss with people saying my voice is real choppy or the call drops in the middle of a conversation. I use Netgear for my WiFi. Do others have the same issue?
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If you need phone service at home and cell phones do poorly, you may want to consider adding Exede Voice. It will provide you with VOIP phone service and, using it does not count against your data allowance. Any other means of making WiFi or Internet phone calls does count against your monthly allotment.

I have Exede voice and, there is a less than one second delay, but you adapt quickly to that and, call quality is perfect.
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Just set up my microcell from AT&T and after a year of 1 to no bars (at my house) I now have full bars!!!! There is a slight delay from the time I speak until I am heard but calls are clear. Set up was easy. Yes, it works!!!!

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