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We've been with Exede for nearly two years. Until recently, we were on a 30Gb plan, which was more than 10Gbs above the plan we had with Hughes. Even given the larger usage allowance with the Exede plan, we found that we were suddenly exceeding usage patterns we had established with Hughes. This was concerning, because we changed nothing other than switching the provider to Exede. However, we did find that we almost never went over the 30Gbs (only a few times in almost two years), so we didn't fuss about it.

Recently, Exede changed plan offerings and we've been fortunate enough to be eligible for a 50Gb plan, which includes a LNFZ. That's the good news. The bad news is that our usage seemed to jump again - this time by a large amount, even though we had not really made changes to our usage patterns. Again, this is very concerning to us. Perhaps a small increase in usage would be understandable, given that we don't worry about our data allowance as much as we used to - but we're actually bumping into a limit that we never used to come close to.

Bear in mind that we have no automatic software updates scheduled (any update would have to be kicked off manually), that we do not stream with iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or any of the major streaming providers. We do watch some Youtube, however very little. We don't even stream audio very much. In short, we are conservative consumers of data. Additionally, I am in IT (and have been for 33 years) and so I know how to control our data consumption and I do so pro-actively.

Given all of the above, when we were told for this billing period that we had exceeded our 50Gb allowance, I contacted Exede to express my concern. I pointed out that what Exede was reporting back to us was way out-of-bounds relative to our usage in the past and that there was no way we were consuming that much data. The CSR that I spoke with only wanted to argue about it - going so far as to claim that on a specific day, we had used 1.5 Gbs and that she saw "about 1/6 of your usage that day was for Amazon streaming". There's just one problem - we never stream Amazon. We actually never stream anything except for occasional (short) Youtube videos.

After much back-and-forth and having made no progress, I thanked the woman for her time. I got no satisfaction from the call, having received no offer of dispensation whatsoever, nothing. This is very disappointing to myself and to my wife.

We've generally been satisfied with Exede and would not want to once again jump into comparison shopping of satellite internet services, but this experience has left us deeply frustrated and disappointed with Exede's lack of response or concern for what I reported in regards to data usage. I'd like to believe that the CSR was having a bad day, or that there was a communications barrier or that there is some other explanation, but this reaction (to argue with the customer) has left us disillusioned.

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