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I just got a notice that I have capped my 10 gis of data. No-way. I have 10 days left in the month. I work during the week and 2 nights a week I dont get home till after 11:00 and usually dont turn it on till after that. I have no new devices and have downloads cut off of all of them. This is bull crap. I want a print out or something showing me when I supposedly used this data. It is just me and my husband, and he doesnt even know how to turn the comp on. He doesnt use it at all. Only me. I have had this service for awhile and dont have alot of complaints but I am not paying for something I am not getting. Im pissed. No changes in my situation but suddenly I am using more than twice what I have been using? Something is wrong people. Now I read you are offering unlimited to new people. REALLY? Man I really hate to see you run what could be a good thing into the ground by screwing your customers around. I know this whole post is going to be a waste of my time but had to write it. Now I am going to unplug everything excede in my house at least till the 28th, cause God only knows what my bill will be if I dont, and I refuse to by more. I will not recommend exede and as soon as something else is available Im out.
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I too am having the same problem, been a customer for 2 yrs with 15g of data and have never came close to my limit and all the sudden 8 days into a new cycle I've reached my limit.. so I bought 6g and im still out of date with 2 days before reset

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This is EXACTLY what we are experiencing. This is clearly an issue. We have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on their additional GBs just to stay on the internet. We almost have never gone over with 25gb plan since last november and all of the sudden they are saying we are using over 70gb ! 

We were told that we used 10gb in 2 days! 

If others are having the same issues, PLEASE comment here. 

Im convinced that this company is screwing us over and blaming "hackers" and bad routers so that they dont have to take responsibility for it. 
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im with you its awful service!!!!!
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We are also getting very very disappointed. Just no way we can be using this much data.

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Pamelot, Have you called exede to request help with a technical problem?  and if yes and if you just got no help that way, why don't you try emailing, and tell them your problem and that you haven't been able to get help by calling customer service.  give them your account number so they can look up info and they will get back to you.  worth a try, I would think.
Jeremy, what doesn't make sense to me is why would Exede be picking and choosing and screwing over some customers while others don't have any data problems at all? 
I find it hard to believe that Exede would have an A+ BBB rating if they were "screwing" the customers...
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I think unpluging the box to exeded at night and when your not home 
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Tech support tried to tell me that if we have a window open with gmail for long periods of time that it will eat up our data... this was one of the most asinine things I've ever heard. 
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Teresa, as a recommendation, can you change the subject of your original topic here? It would be helpful for others to be able to search for this issue. I would recommend changing it to something like: 

" Data Usage / Data Cap / Overages / Data Limits / Not Even Online " 

This is happening to us too, and people need to know. 
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Auto play, other devices updating, even simply having Windows 8 and not setting it to metered mode, Smart TVs, DTV Genie, VOIP (except Exede Voice) Leaving webpages open when you are AFK, all of it eats data. Sure if you diable auto play and, close the browser when AFK, then only allow other devices to connect in the LNFZ, and do any updates or downloads in the LNFZ, then you might get away with a little mid day streaming on the 25 GB plan, on 10 GB no, that's LNFZ stuff too.

As frustrating as it is, it doesn't do any good to continue ranting about it when in fact people try to help. Okay, you know you don't have malware, trojans, etc... and you know no one is stealing your bandwidth but, it never hurts to double and triple check. Use an AV scan you don't normally use,  turn the router off for a week and unplug the modem unless you need to be online. Then see if data still disappears.

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