DirecTV bustin' my data?

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I bought DirecTV with my Exede account, and have a dish for each. How are the services inter-related? How does DirecTV impact my monthly data allowance?
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Posted 3 years ago

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If you have your DirecTV receiver hooked up to Exede, there's a good chance you'll be be on here shortly complaining that Exede stole all your data in 3 days.
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The new Whole Home DVR has the ability to LOOK BACK 72 hours for any show that you missed - YEP they need an internet connection to do this. You also have to be careful about selecting shows to be recorded - some of them may have a, for lack of a better term, WATCH NOW or RECORD NOW symbol. I basically disconnected my Whole Home DVR from my internet (Exede) network. I recently switched to the DISH Hopper - which also has the same issues.
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OK, so what in the heck does the DirecTV satellite dish actually do?  Is it only for live viewing, and anything saved to the DVR goes over the Exede-provided Internet?  This seems a little FUBAR'd.
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Mark - No, anything you have DVR'd does not use Exede unless it was from DirecTV's on demand library.  The listed Pay-Per-View movies do not use Exede.  The 72-hour Look Back does use Exede.  Extended searches for upcoming programs uses Exede.  I  have disconnected my DirecTV from Exede.  DirecTV is still very functional, but without the 72-hour look back, on demand movies, or extended program searches.  You can still get about a dozen of the current Pay-Per-View movies on demand without the Internet connections, because DirecTV has downloaded them via their dish in the background, you just don't have access to their entire library. You can do program searches for up to 10 days in the future without the Internet connection.  And of course, you have access to the Pay-Per-View movies that are shown at scheduled times.
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Th DTV dish is for watching and recording live/as it airs programs and for watching Pay Per View programs.

Watch From the beginning, On Demand and, any of the other extras, like the score board you can load if you have NFL Sunday ticket use the internet and, thus use your Exede data allowance.

Without an internet connection for DTV you can watch shows when they air, record shows when they air, watch Pay Per View, watch shows you recorded, rewind shows as they air IF you were watching the show from the beginning. (You cant rewind w/o internet if you did not have the receiver tuned to or set to record that show before it started.) Anything else requires internet and, uses your data allowance.
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Hi Mark, 

With DirecTV and Dish Network, rather than a instant stream of Video on Demand content, it actually has to be downloaded first. The download size largely depends if it's a SD or HD movie. HD has higher resolution and as a result is a much larger file size than a Standard Definition movie (1 HD movie can easily consume 1-3GB depending on length) If this is done during your metered hours, you'll certianly see it consume some of your data
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I honestly don't see why Directv and Exede are paired.  If you connect the wifi to the directv, your premium data is going to be used within a day or two.  However, I do love the new Liberty Pass, even if my bill did go up $30 a month.  I canceled directv, picked up Netflix (already Amazon member), can watch most mornings, watch downloaded programs in the evening.  If we lived in town, we would not have Exede.  We have used Suddenlink and Cox, never used more than 150G of the 250G cap.  However, living in paradise is worth some compromises; limited streaming is one of them.  Also, AT&T's service is getting closer.
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They make a great combo because if you need DirectTV, you can't get cable and, that likely means no DSL, or wired high speed internet service - you need a satellite for both TV and internet. Managing usage is the customer's responsibility.

Like my home DTV cannot get me Uverse or any AT&T service, phone or internet but, they could get me Exede for both voice and internet if I did not already have those separately. (I dislike service bundles.)