Did not get the service I was enticed to buy

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Moving two rural Washington St was a huge mistake. Im use to Comcast blast speed internet with downloads around 99mbs for 79.99 a month. I get here and Im told this is the fastest internet available. The speed isn't the problem. I was told buy the rep installing the service that a freedom plan with 150 gigs for $99 a month was the best we could get. The shear amount of gaming we do in my house could easily eat that data up but i agreed because it was the most we could get. So the rep shows up to install the service the next day and halfway through the installation I get told that the 150g service doesn't come out till later this summer and that I'm to be stuck with 18gigs. 18GIGS!!!! that is only enough data to download the updates needed for the games we play. We capped that data out in 2 hours and now for 2 months we've been throttled for nearly 29 days. W need the other plan I was led the believe I was getting. I've never paid such prices and got so little for internet. Christ sake the LTE on my phone is faster and cheaper after the throttle. The fact that there is very little competition for internet is why exede can skyrocket the price for data. It's borderline robbery in the U.S some other countries don't have this problem because they know internet is a necessity now and not a commodity and money goes to infrastructure and laying lines so everyone can have reliable and fast internet. Very unhappy customer actually considering cancelling my 2 year contract after just 2 months. The problem has also caused us to want to move 5 months prior to out rental lease being up. This household just cant do without decent speed for the month. We have schooling, hobbies, gaming, and research and shows and movies to watch. and i'll be damned if i pay $99 a months to do none of those things when other people in town enjoy their service for around half the price. 
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I was just told that Exede now offers UNLIMITED INTERNET
This a copy and past from Gerold Okonkwo,the guy advertising Exede UNLIMITED:

The Liberty 10 is $59.99 (without the tax and modem fee).

The Liberty 18 is $99.99 (without the tax & modem fee)

The Liberty 30 is $149.99 (without the tax and modem fee).

The Liberty 10 provides you with 10 GB at a full speed of 12mps.

It can run from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Facebook and Twitter and more very efficiently.

In fact, if you can video stream, you can run anything you want even after you've used up your 10GB.

Here's how it works, you run your first 10 GB at speed of 12mps then it throttles down to about 3-9mps.
...after you've used up the 10GB.

His name is Gerold Okonkwo. He is on Facebook. There are several FB sites to voice your complaints on too...
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Sorry I believe what you are referring to is the Liberty plan. http://www.exede.com/liberty/
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Hello GameorDie

Unfortunately due to the limitations of the technology when it comes to Satellite internet we enact data caps with our service simply due to us having a finite amount of bandwidth. Unlike Comcast and similar providers, they are Earth-based, they can pump as much data as they want with simply adding more cables, headends, core nodes, ect. We have a satellite orbiting the earth. The only way to expand our bandwidth would be to launch another satellite....which we happen to be doing at the end of the year which will double our internet capabilities, speeds, data, ect. But until then the Liberty plans are some of our better options we can do. While we did have a plan called Freedom with 150GB, that plan returning is probably unlikely until closer to the time of the launch of ViaSat 2. On a related note, Gaming is sort of hit and miss with our service due to the ping times so some games may not work, but across the board it can consume quite a bit of data.

With that said, I'd like for you to email me because I want to look into what you were offered, if a partner of ours made the sale ,ect. We can be emailed directly at exedelistens@viasat.com  

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